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Your Home Flooring Defines The Boundaries of Your Space

Your home flooring defines the boundaries of your space. When you choose a flooring type to carpet your floor, you are virtually looking at the impeccability of the impression it creates. One may often ignore other important factors that make flooring alternatives all the more versatile. Your flooring must be stain resistant, deliver a sultry sheen, sustain scratches and rubs, and display compatibility with high traffic zones. To stretch it further, you may also conclude that your flooring must possess good acoustics for a change! Well, with these parameters, one might as well think of revamping the house floor by taking help from an expert who has a know-how concerning floors. To make the task sorted for you, you may take a look at the list followed by their description with regards to the flooring alternatives. You may then decide with careful evaluation, what look you would like your house to wear.

Take Your PickGone are those days when flooring was a component ignored in house constructions. Flooring is no more drab and long drawn. It is chic lending a sublime personality to the house. Have a look at some of the alternatives for flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Alternatives

Hardwood flooring is what we look out for when we want our space to ooze sophistication. Hardwood may be considered a stalwart to other flooring alternatives as it has been around for decades. Hardwood flooring looks beautiful, however, it may shine through the pockets; it is expensive. Moreover, you may be surprised, to be acquainted with the fact that hardwood flooring installation cost may be equivalent to the cost of the hardwood you purchase for the floor. They also demand a lot of attention and maintenance. Phew! However, if you are the one who could afford the luxury of flaunting a hardwood floor, Congratulations! Please go ahead!

Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring ... an inexpensive and cheap flooring alternative to hardwood. If you are looking out for a look that is similar to hardwood, with a cost-effective touch, and lets you stay easy with the installations, touche! This is what you must lay your hands on and start working for the same. Laminates have been a popular choice for those who find hardwood, too hard on their wallets. However, one must keep in mind that laminate flooring is different when it comes to maintenance. It is also imperative for you to comprehend that laminates and hardwood are two different materials and have a different care regimen to adhere to. Make sure that you read the manufacturer's manual before you set forth to clean the flooring.

Cork Flooring

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A flooring alternative that is indeed very rewarding in terms of it being eco-friendly, is cork flooring. Cork is a material that is obtained from cork oak tree. It does not succumb to high traffic areas and is fire resistant in nature. It is easy on the maintenance meter and looks attractive as you have a variety of colors and textures to choose from. And oh... it is an easy-on-your pocket alternative and pleases one who cannot bear the click-clacks echoing in the house!

Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring is another effective alternative to hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring earns some brownie points through its ability to deal with areas high on precipitating moisture. It is due to this prime reason that vinyl flooring is used as an easy alternative to hardwood, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture abounds. On top of it all, it is merciful on your pocket and is easy to maintain. All in all, an affordable cousin of hardwood.

Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo flooring is truly a 'green' flooring alternative that you may like to adorn your floor with. What more one may want when you are doing your best by thinking green and being a true environment patriot. Bamboo as a material, has many hats to adorn. It is extremely durable, for one; makes for an elegant and gorgeous flooring alternative to hardwood and has a texture that feels like silk. I don't mean slippery silk, but subtle silk!

Marmoleum Flooring

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Marmoleum ... another 'go-green' product that makes for a great flooring alternative. Marmoleum is ideal for households that have kids kicking away to glory. These houses indeed, have every space demarcated as high traffic! It is unique in its propositions too. It maintains temperature indoors, during frost. Proving its credibility further, it is also ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Linoleum Flooring

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Linoleum flooring has been a veteran at the flooring options. It has possessed a headline tag for many years and has been an eco-friendly option for many households. It looks elegant, is less expensive, and is also made from natural ingredients such as linseed oil, cork flour and jute, to name a few.

Recycled Eco-friendly Carpets

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A flooring alternative to high VOC emission carpets; recycled carpets are a great alternative for flooring. It is made out of recycled waste matter such as textiles that make the carpet toxin free. It has biodegradable fibers that do not instigate allergies and makes for a environ friendly option. Not very expensive, you may choose to have your house floor carpeted with recycled carpets.

Concrete Flooring

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Concrete flooring gives wings to your imagination to fly wild. Yes, you can be as versatile with your ideas and embellish concrete the way you want. If you are looking out for an alternative that looks chic, blends with your decor, guarantees longevity and is easy on maintenance; concrete flooring is for you. You may go ahead and create designs and textures of your choice by consulting a flooring expert and have your flooring adorn a customized look. As a bonus, you are spared from shelling out your hard-earned bucks in excess!

Engineered Wood Flooring

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Engineered wood flooring is obtained from wood pulp which is recyclable and reusable. It makes for a beautiful flooring sight. Engineered wood flooring is an extremely economical alternative; it being one of the rare flooring alternatives that provides you with designs and shapes of your choice. You may also install made-to-order/customized flooring that suits your decor. Thus, it provides your house with a rich look with it not hampering your bank account status!

These flooring alternatives, I believe, have seeded an idea in your mind about the dynamic options that you may consider. Make a wise decision and strike a favorable deal, while you make your choice!

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