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Bedroom DéCor Is One of The Most Important Aspects of Interior Designing

Bedroom décor is one of the most important aspects of interior designing and you may have read many things on bedroom design tips, bedroom makeovers, etc. But the key for an instant makeover of a bedroom is probably changing the bed style or decorating your bed. You may have bunk beds in your kids' bedroom, a gorgeous canopy in your master bedroom and a twin bed in the guest room. We have decorating ideas for all of these and some more!

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds, if creatively designed, can look so amusingly bright and colorful that they will pump up the entire look of your bedroom. There are many different themes in which you can design bunk beds for your kids. One of the cutest bunk bed decorating ideas for girls is the doll house bunk bed. Here's how to get it. Doll house bunk beds are easily available in furniture shops. The doll house bunk bed actually comes with a real doll house. Make sure you decorate it with pink colored Barbie bed covers. Adding loads of small heart shaped pillows in colors like pink, light blue, fuchsia and yellow will make it a fantasy bed for your daughter!

Popular themes for bunk beds for boys could be a pirate ship bunk bed or a cappuccino bunk bed. If you are considering a pirate ship bunk bed, you will most probably have to order it and get it customized. A pirate ship bunk bed usually comes in an L-shape and is larger than the usual bunk beds. It gives a dramatic look to the bedroom. Considering cappuccino bunk bed? As easy as it sounds, this bed is one of the classiest bunk beds without looking like one! Comes in dark brown shades, made with wood, this bunk bed offers a clean, neat and casual look for the bedroom. What's more? It is easily available in furniture malls. You may also get it in different colors like ivory and ebony! Bunk beds leave in a lot of floor space. Use it wisely with the right accessories and perfect bedroom design tips. These ideas can also be used for loft beds.

Canopy Beds

Bringing in a beautiful canopy bed in your master bedroom as a centerpiece, is synonymous to bringing oodles of romance in your bedroom. Canopy beds are romantic and very gorgeous. There are many ways in which you can design a canopy bed like a half canopy or a mirror canopy. What's more important is the fabric, drapes and the choice of colors that you may choose for designing your canopy bed. Make sure that your canopy bed has been covered in informal drapes of bed covers and sheets. Consider using bed sheets and covers in light hues of neutral colors.

One of the most romantic canopy bed decorating ideas is to set up a crown canopy bed. If you are considering this bed decorating idea, you must pay attention to details like a beautifully shaped headboard or a nicely carved headboard design. Include natural fabrics for a tropical look and choose from colors like white, light aquamarine green and turquoise for bedding. Too many pillows are a no-no for tropical crown canopy bed décor.

You can also have a French look for that gorgeous, ever-inviting canopy bed. You can create crown canopy by installing a cornice board on the wall, which is at the head of your bed. The cornice should be then dressed with multiple thick layers for fabric coming from it this should encircle the head of your canopy bed. Choose a palette of pastel colors like peaches, lavenders, creams and avoid using dark, harsh or very bright colors. For an authentic French look, consider using floral printed fabrics in pinks and peaches for draping the bedding, as well as the canopy. Add as much pillows as you can to make the bed look more cozy.

Twin Beds

Twin beds make a great statement for guest bedrooms. It allows enough space to the guests as to, whether to keep the twin beds apart or pull them together to make a king bed. The space between the twin bed is the best place to add accessories like a bed table and a bedside lamp. There are many different themes in which you can decorate the guest room in your house. Two of my personal favorites are vintage style and the country style. In vintage style, you can consider creating crown canopies for the twin beds, in vintage print fabrics. Choose colors like rose, cream, walnut, maroon etc for a vintage style look.

Considering country style for the twin bed in the guest room? Keep it minimal because, less is more when it comes to country style. Make sure you use a lot of white all over the room. Keep your sheets very clean and place a stack of pillows on the bed. Make sure the bedding is kept simple with a single bed cover, with farmhouse style print on it. A wooden rocking chair and an attic window seat makes it a perfect country style bedroom for your guests. Here's an extra tip: Keep a welcome kit for your guest right at the entrance of the guest bedroom. The welcome kit should include essentials like soap, shampoos, oils and fragrances along with hand towels. Keep the attached toilet of the guest room clean, unused and ready with towels, shampoos and toilet paper. Keep vintage style quilts handy near the bed. Well, that I guess, sums up ideas for a twin bed for the guest bedroom. I can guarantee the best of a guest bedroom using these ideas, except that the guests might always want to stay at your place!

Make bed decorating a fun and enjoyable activity and you will come up with few new bedroom decorating ideas. So, gear up and treat your bed with those lovely ideas, I'm sure the bed will return the favor with tons of sweet dreams coming true!

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