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Full Interactive Media Studio Project Delivery Recently

Zhejiang satellite TV, 100 ㎡ full interactive media studio project delivery recently, this project is the first time for zhejiang TV adopts full LED display as news studio visual rendering platform, 27.6 ㎡ TV2.5 abnormity news studio HD LED screen was made by Leyard photoelectric co., LTD. 

Leyard  L shape P2.5 full-color LED abnormity splicing dynamic background of the new screen, its fine point spacing converge into a perfect image, greatly improved the show picture and expressiveness, again to create an indoor full color LED display applications in radio and television industry classic engineering case, get the praise of the industry leaders and experts.

Leyard zhejiang TV, full LED full media interactive studio project, in 100 ㎡ studio space, application of small spacing LED display to perfection. Leyard L P2.5 full-color LED abnormity splicing dynamic new backdrop to make full use of studio space Angle, P2.5 fine pitch to realize the seamless display screen, without excessive Angle round screen. High definition, characteristic abnormity two big screen, not only can fully meet the zhejiang satellite TV existing four show show demand, also for TV program updates, promotion provides enough development space.

About Leyard

Leyard Optoelectronic Co., LTD. (stock code: 300296), the LED leader of China, has gained great popularity of the world’s top events and famous exhibitions by many years of research first strategy, high-quality, excellent engineering, high-speed response service and honest reputation in the LED display industry. The LED scroll painting and dream rings in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games that were colorful and stunned at home and abroad, the two giant Outdoor LED screen in the Tiananmen Square, the Houston Rockets Toyota Center, and so on, all stand Leyard’s products, also establish Leyard’s elegantdemeanour as the leader of the LED industry.

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Leyard Help Zhejiang TV Station to Build Full LED Display Studio
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