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There Is a Growing Desire for Open Air

There is a growing desire for open air. The summer season has finally taken its course, with long days and serene, sometimes too hot. Happiness for people who love being outdoors, in contact with nature. The last year has indeed been a significant increase of bookings for camp sites and tourist villages compared to last season. This suggests that the summer season has just begun, will mark a major achievement for these accommodations. Those who have the opportunity to enjoy at home relaxing, quiet and cool evenings, now has available accessories, accessories and more worthy of a Grand'Hotel. With the advantage of being at home, being able to invite family and friends by involving them in bright cocktails, but also in informal barbecues.
Desire of Open Air. Kitchen & Relaxation

The new four-poster bed  Soleluna by PIRCHER of pine wood treated with a linear design and comfortable, ideal for relaxing days by the pool or the sea. The structure, available in cappuccino color or white, is full of elegant cushion with soft foam padding and awnings to provide shade or protection for your relaxation. The orange fabric linings combine with the elegance of the white structure. While the cylindrical cushions are also available with fine geometric patterns, coordinate with soft towels. Soft mattresses and pillows to relax without compromise. Tents and covers for protection from the sun or shelter from the wind, with a simple gesture, and a convenient center console to store anything or serve snacks.

Elegance and quality, open all year round, summer and winter, thanks to the strength of materials.

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 Inside and outside the home and garden, spaces distinct, separate, independent. At one time, certainly yes, today a little less. The ideal demarcation line is less clear: this is the diktat stylistic RODA, which gives the freedom to choose and live in a more personal home. Therefore, if indoor and outdoor are no longer so distant it is logical, thinking about a consequent continuity sensory Roda plays with furnishing of undisputed invoice. In collaboration with Roda, Dedon has exhibited at the Showroom in Milan in Via Savona 50, D.D.C. (Dedon Dress Code), experimented on Slim Line collection of Jean-Marie Massaud. Plots were submitted for reasons of famous weavings, known throughout the world. Four themed environments have created a "whole show everything European. The Edinburgh collection of traditions through the Scottish Highlands up to contemporary fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren; the collection inspired by the famous Cambon, the fashion district of Paris, in the sophisticated pied-de-poule starring Audrey Hepburn; the elegance of dress alla marinara is present in Marseille, the ' 60s by Pablo Picasso on the French Riviera until current times of Jean-Paul Gaultier; Finally, for lovers of the North, there is the collection Oslo, in classic style of the Norwegian sweater that captures the untamed and rugged nature of the Scandinavian lands.

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Springtime by B & B, the collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, develops the theme of Sedita à cabane "with a series of sofas deep, which can be shaded by a roof light, textile or rattan, to formulate, en plein air , a more private and intimate space. Rigorous and linear design not only the structures of sofas designed in two different depths, but also of the chaise longue, a single chair with wheels and adjustable headrest, or double, is arranged in parallel face to face. And yet, rectangular and square tables that include the capability to contain vasi.La collection is completed with other accessories such as ottomans, end tables and a brazier in enamelled steel. The drawing together a coherent landscape that owes its elegance to the use of white lacquered aluminum for the frames, with stainless steel supports, while the water-repellent fabrics available in three colors, gray, charcoal and lime green, coordinate with sponges used in the lining of the padding.
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We start by Expert 2 Super CAMPINGAZ of a BBQ practical and stylish, with everything you need to become a chef outdoors. 2 cast iron burners, folding side shelves, glazed and chrome grille, and a glass insert on the lid to check in every moment of our dishes are cooked in 2 Super Expert a complete and suitable for any lover of BBQ, from the expert those who are beginners. The second model, Texas Woody Deluxe shall have an attractive design, with a cart of wood and metal parts. It is characterized by convenient electronic ignition and tha the lava rock. It has a fixed side shelf and a side burner to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, and a storage tank cover and front door bottle drives. Finally, Adelaide 4 Classic L Deluxe (pictured), the true flagship of the BBQ: once again, renewing the concept of Australian BBQ and has a pivoting lid and burners cast iron curtain, which allow you to avoid dangerous flare-ups, since the particular form protects the burners from contact with acids or other substances.

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 The wide range of choice allows each customer to find the one best suited to your needs, including those from the garden, garden and terrace, corner, each of different sizes and capacities. The barbecues by LINEA VZ are made with quality materials and manufacturing techniques through consolidated precisely in order to ensure maximum Grill of goodness and of security. The VZ model B14, cataloged as great barbecues, for example, features a large fireplace and a spacious and practical support plan that can be made of refractory or granite. In addition, the VZ B14 is also provided to some practical accessories such as stainless steel Grill, Rotisserie, charcoal burning and set for optimum cooking. Another model of particular interest is the barbecues VZ B7 which has been specially designed to be inserted at an angle: its particularity is that it can easily blame the wall and fasten to the flue, guaranteeing functionality and effectiveness. VZ line also thinks the requirements of those who do not have a large garden and barbecue VZ B6, comfortable and compact, suitable for both the garden and the terrace. This model, solid and practical, it allows you to enjoy the pleasure of grilled cuisine also has large open spaces.


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Desire of Open Air. Kitchen & Relaxation
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