Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Companies Scrutinize Purchases They Would Consider Normal in Times of Financial Certainty

Companies Scrutinize Purchases They Would Consider Normal in Times of Financial Certainty

In uncertain economic times, companies scrutinize purchases they would consider normal in times of financial certainty. At many woodworking companies, equipment expenditures are one of the first areas of examination when the specter of cost cutting rears its ugly head. In many cases, the first thing managers wish to learn about is the price and warranty for new vs. used woodworking machines. With this information, they can make an informed decision that affects the bottom line: whether to buy unused or pre-owned woodworking machines.

Price and Warranty for Unused Equipment

Assuming a company needs industrial hardware that supports high-volume production, the chance of purchasing a piece of equipment for cheap is slim. Depending on the technology the equipment features, buying it for a price considered inexpensive might be unlikely. However, buffering the expense of the hardware is it comes with a warranty, and should offer excellent performance for years to come.

Companies that have the budget to invest in unused equipment often fail to entertain the prospect of investing pre-owned hardware, but they should not. Although unused industrial woodworking machines come with the investment protection of a warranty, the chance of that warranty actually covering significant repair costs is slim. After all, the equipment is constructed with such quality it could last for decades if it is properly maintained.

Price and Warranty for Pre-Owned Equipment

The construction quality of industrial grade woodworking machines makes them vastly superior to other grades of equipment: hobby grade and mid grade. Because an industrial grade router could easily last for twenty to thirty years, buying one that has received ten years of use is essentially the same as acquiring an unused piece of equipment, especially when the previous owner did not operate the hardware in a strenuous production environment, and it has a spotless maintenance record.

Realistically, industrial grade construction is like a warranty in itself. Consider this, along with the fact that pre-owned, industrial grade equipment typically costs less than unused equipment, and it’s easy to see how evaluating the price and warranty for new versus used woodworking machines ends with the latter emerging as the best financial value.

RT Machine Can Help

If your company is evaluating the price and warranty of new versus used woodworking machines, RT Machine – a leading seller of unused and pre-owned woodworking equipment – can help it make the best choice. We have a large inventory of unused and pre-owned equipment, and an equipment locator service that lets us search other inventories for equipment that we do not have in stock. To learn more about our inventory and services, browse through our website, or call us today.

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Making The Best Purchase: Price and Warranty for New Vs. Used Woodworking Machines
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