Trade Resources Industry Knowledge In April 2014 KSB Aktiengesellschaft Will Launch The Latest Version of Its Etabloc Pumps

In April 2014 KSB Aktiengesellschaft Will Launch The Latest Version of Its Etabloc Pumps

New Generation of Close-Coupled Pumps

In April 2014 KSB Aktiengesellschaft will launch the latest version of its Etabloc pumps. The newly enhanced series comprises 43 pump sizes, which can be driven by either 2-pole or 4-pole motors.

With further additions to the selection chart, the pump size can now be selected even closer to the best efficiency point. Etabloc pumps with their highly efficient hydraulic system meet the ErP Directive s Commission Regulation 547/2012/EU for water pumps, which will enter into force in 2015.

The material range comprises cast iron and bronze as well as nodular cast iron. The diversity of materials and a large choice of seal variants have extended the suitability of the new type series to applications beyond those of water. The discharge nozzles are fitted with more connection options for pressure gauges as standard, so several measurements can be conducted at the same time. The flanges of suction and discharge nozzles are optionally drilled to EN 1092 or ASME dimensions, for all materials.

A large variety of nozzle positions and installation options enables maximum flexibility. Confined gaskets ensure reliable sealing between pump casing and casing cover, even in highly varying operating conditions.

The space allocated to the mechanical seal has been enlarged to enhance venting in this area. Single or double mechanical seals to EN 12756 are standard. Special variants such as mechanical seals in tandem or back-to-back arrangement are also available if required for a specific application.

Another feature of the updated type series is its particularly service-friendly design. The conical seal chamber, for example, allows easy access and provides more space for maintenance work. The new, spacious design facilitates dismantling and reassembly of the mechanical seals. Forcing screws provided at the lantern make dismantling of the drive train much easier. Easy-to-replace casing wear rings protect the impeller and the casing cover from wear.

The drive lantern comes in standardised mating dimensions, offering the operator maximum choice in selecting an electric motor. In line with KSB s common practice for industrial pumps, every pump will be supplied to the customer with the impeller diameter trimmed exactly to the duty point. Impeller trimming combined with the large range of pump sizes available for selection is the only way of keeping the pump set s energy consumption to the minimum necessary.

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New Generation of Close-Coupled Pumps
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