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Homeowners in England and Wales could together save a total of £683 million by making basic improvements to their house's energy efficiency.

This is the according to research from property services firm LMS.

Its figures suggested that if households undertook the changes recommended in their 2012 assessments, people could save on average £162 a year, the Independent reports.

This would make for significant savings for consumers struggling with the price rises that are currently being seen in the country.

Indeed, little things such as installing energy efficient ceiling spotlights in the household could go a long way to save money.

The launch of the government's Green Deal scheme at the end of this month, could also see an increased number of homeowners opting to make such improvements as it allows people to companies to install things like cavity wall insulation and double glazing for no upfront cost.

On average, the properties assess in 2012 by LMS found that most houses had an Energy Efficiency Rating of D, when A represented the most energy efficient property.

LMS noted that the least efficient homes were maisonettes, closely followed by bungalows and semi-detached houses, while the best were noted as mid-floor flats.

Chief executive of LMS Andy Knee said with energy prices set to rise even further, homeowners should try and look towards improving the energy efficiency of their homes this year.

"As well as the significant monetary savings homeowners stand to make, and their property being more attractive to buyers and tenants, it could also help them to unlock more competitive mortgage products. Lenders are already beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of financing an energy efficient house," he continued.

"We would expect to see even more of these products come to market this year and next."

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Energy Efficiency Improvements Could 'save Households 162 Euro a year'
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