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3D Printed LED Display Was Created by Zortrax on Their Zortrax M200 Machines

Large displays usually have to use liquid crystal display or some other conventional technology, unless they're just white sheets where projectors place their images.

3D Printed LED Display

That's not the case for the Mappingwall, however. Created by Zortrax on their Zortrax M200 machines, the screen is 3D printed.

More precisely, it is made of 332 3D printed parts that not only allow for the display of images but also add a three-dimensional level of art to the whole installation.

I've been to several international conventions like IFA and MWC and I have to say that while displays covering whole walls are nice and all, they don't really inspire awe after you saw it once. Although I suppose it's also true I may be desensitized to such things, in some measure.

That aside, the screen is actually the brainchild of design and marketing company Piloci. They have been toying with LED-illuminated display ideas for over a year, but they only got the idea for making it when they met with Zortrax.

So how does the Mappingwall work: it has 332 3D printed pyramids made from transparent filament with LED RGB lighting shining from underneath, while video mapping tech syncs them according to an image feed.

The best part is that the screen can be made larger if you add more pyramids, and they don't all have to be the same shape and size.

Corporations are already using it or considering its use for their digital ad walls and other marketing applications.

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3D Printed LED Display
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