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27 of The Hottest Chinese Wholesale Product Categories on The Market

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Chinese wholesale products are used in industries and markets across the world. Keep reading to discover some of the hottest Chinese Wholesale Product categories that are well known for having high quality merchandise, and great wholesale prices.

Agriculture & Food

Agriculture and food products are manufactured in China and exported to just about every country that exists. If you are in the restaurant or hospitality industry, then you may want to consider stocking your Commercial sized pantry with Chinese wholesale products; Order things like high grade chicken stock and other products in large numbers to save money and stock up.

Apparel & Accessories

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to order wholesale apparel and accessories from China. The People’s Republic of China has been a major provider of the world’s apparel for decades. The low cost of production, and high quality manufacturing techniques of Chinese workers make the country perfect for producing trendy apparel and accessories.

Arts & Crafts

School districts and day care centers have the opportunity to lower their expense budgets by ordering wholesale Chinese arts & crafts items. Keep your students occupied all day with highly rated, and safe arts & crafts supplies ordered wholesale from China. The country of China manufactures everything from glue sticks to marble busts. You certainly won’t find a shortage of any arts & crafts products in China.

Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Most of the world’s aftermarket auto, motorcycle parts and accessories are manufactured in China. Everything from a spare water pump to a brand new engine can be purchased wholesale from China. Give your auto repair shop an upgrade by ordering the parts and accessories you need directly from China.

Bags, Cases & Boxes

Every quality retail store needs quality bags, cases, and boxes for their customers. This amazing category of Chinese wholesale products gives you your choice between countless options of well made quality options. Whether you are looking for custom bags for your trade show, or briefcases for your whole sales team, Chinese manufacturers offer you a great selection of products.


Various chemicals are used for all sorts of industrial purposes. It just so happens that China is a major manufacturer of raw chemicals that are used in everything from household cleaning products to leather tanning. For decades the world has relied on China to provide them with affordable and quality base chemicals. Checkout this product category to see if you can improve your profit margins, or even find a chemical you cannot find anywhere else. Just be sure to check your import regulations before buying any wholesale chemicals from China.

Computer Products

Chinese manufacturers have become synonymous with providing the world with mass produced computer products. Everyone from your neighborhood computer repair center to your massive nationwide retailers source their computer parts from China. Take a look at this category of products to see what is in store for you. Everything from computer ram to computer casings is manufactured in china. Take a look and you will most certainly find what you are looking for.

Construction & Decoration

What makes this category of wholesale Chinese goods so legendary is its flexibility and accessibility for everyone. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, building a home, or operating a construction retail store, ordering wholesale from China could help to increase your efficiency, and overall profit margins.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics have been one of the main Chinese exports for decades. Over the years, Chinese manufacturers have quietly surpassed the world in techniques, procedures, and quality of merchandise. If you are looking for world class options in consumer electronics, then consider wholesale consumer electronics from China.

Electrical & Electronics

Electrical and electronic components are the basic building blocks of modern society. Everything from your microwave to your television contains electronic components that are manufactured in China. If you are prototyping a new invention or stocking the shelves of your electronics store, then you want to consider ordering from Chinese wholesale suppliers.


Modern furniture is an incredibly important product that never goes out of style. Furniture retailers around the world place wholesale orders from Chinese suppliers. Everyone from ikea to Walmart sources their retail furniture from Chinese manufacturers. Whether you are a hotel, school, or office, you can save a pretty penny by ordering your furniture from Chinese manufacturers

Health & Medicine

Medical supplies and herbal medications are some of the hottest products being sold around the world. Chinese herbal remedies are world famous for there holistic benefits and all natural composition. Your clinic, private practice or online retail store can benefit from the power of low cost health supplies and herbal medicines. Everything from nurse scrubs to handicap scooters can be sourced from Chinese wholesale websites.

Industrial Equipment & Components

The efficiency of your industrial operation depends on the quality of your industrial equipment and components. High quality Industrial equipment is made by countless Chinese suppliers. Every country in the world from Africa to the United States purchases wholesale industrial equipment from China. Give your commercial operation a makeover with all new industrial equipment from China.

Instruments & Meters

All industries and professions need the support of quality instruments and meters. Everyone from your local dentist, to your neighborhood mechanic has a need for specialized instruments and meters. Chinese wholesale suppliers have the capacity and resources to fulfill all your instrument needs. Completing a job without the proper equipment can turn a 5 minutes task into 5 hours.

Light Industry & Daily Use

Daily use goods are the backbone of the consumer industry. This is one of the hottest Chinese wholesale categories because of the sheer amount of volume they are sold in. Everyone from multinational corporations to local e-commerce platforms resell daily use consumer goods like soaps, lotions, bedding, cookware, and etc. If you have been wondering where you can source certain products for your needs, look no further, click on the above category to see a comprehensive list of quality, fully vetted Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Lights & Lighting

Lights and lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for some of the most unique and innovative designs, then consider ordering from Chinese wholesale manufacturers. Suppliers from China ship all over the world and therefore must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the design curve. Take a look at the large selection of styles and designs and you will surely be impressed. 

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

The Manufacturing industry is considered to be the heart of a nation. If a country can’t produce its own goods, it is doomed to go deeper and deeper into debt. China has been a manufacturing powerhouse for many decades. Due to the high level of manufacturing knowledge in China, many factories also sell manufacturing & processing machinery. Whether you need to manufacture a finished product or process raw materials, you can find the machine to do it in China.

Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy

The United States has long been a major purchaser of steel products from Chinese manufacturers. The great price points and the high quality of Chinese steel has made China a world leader in steel production. However, aside from steel, Chinese manufacturers also produce a whole suite of goods like rare earth magnets, wire, and all sorts of metallic pipes and fittings. If you are constructing a building, facility, or simply need to stock up on products to resell in your local market, consider Chinese manufacturers as a great source of products.

Office Supplies

Going down to your local office supply store can be convenient, but is it cost effective. If your office regularly uses large amounts of paper, pens, toners, and copiers, then consider buying direct from China. Instead of resupplying the office once a month, consider placing one large order from a Chinese manufacturer that will last your company the entire year. In addition to the normal office supplies, Chinese manufacturers can also provide you with large specialized machines for any practice imaginable.

Packaging & Printing

If your business is constantly shipping goods to your customers, then you utilize lots of packaging and printing materials. Saving money on packaging could significantly increase the money you have to spend on other things like advertising or marketing. Chinese manufacturers produce all types of packaging materials that you could imagine. Look around to discover Chinese suppliers that offer what you need. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

Security & Protection

The safety and security of your family or place of business is paramount. If you truly care about protecting your community, consider stocking up on some great security and protection gear. Chinese manufacturers make great partners for any military surplus store, paintball arena, private security company, neighborhood watch community, police force,  and any other organization that requires large wholesale amounts of security and protection gear and equipment.


Not only can you source quality products from Chinese manufacturers, you can also find quality services from the same companies. Click on the category link above to see the types of services that are available to you. Everything from third party inspections services to assure the quality of your wholesale goods, to customs assistance can be found online. The best part about these services is that they help you streamline your overall business operations.

Sporting Goods & Recreation

Sporting goods and recreation items are a hot category on ecommerce sites and other online sources. If you are thinking of starting an online business, then you need to find quality Chinese manufacturers that can deliver the caliber of goods you need. One way to start your search is to click on the above category link and browse through the different Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Once you find the goods you are looking for, send a message to the company and your all set!


Chinese textiles can be used to manufacture high quality suits, waterproof recreational clothes and anything else you can imagine. The textile industry in China is well defined and has the capacity to provide you with any material you are looking for. One of the benefits of working with a Chinese textile manufacturer is the level of expertise you will be getting. The textile industry in China has been thriving for hundreds of years. With the advent of modern shipping routes, your Chinese textiles can arrive on the other side of the world in under 3 weeks.

Tools & Hardware

Whether you are stocking up your hardware store with tools to sale, or simply stocking up the companies workshop, Chinese manufactures can remedy all your hardware needs. Everything from simple nails to complicated jackhammer tools can be sourced overseas from Chinese manufacturers. The greatest thing about ordering your tools and hardware wholesale from China is the amazing quality you will receive. China is known for its steel production methods. Your tools will be high grade and durable enough to stand the test of time.


Are you the owner of a toy store? Do you sell toys online? Chinese manufacturers have invented some of the most innovative and captivating toys on the market. No matter what age group you are looking for, you can find a chineses manufacturer that can give you what you want. Everything from scaled down cars to RC airplanes can be purchased overseas. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to order.


Chinese manufacturers produce anything and everything known to man. Under the transportation category you will find boats, cars, trucks, scooters, busses, commercial vehicles, air freight cargo containers and much more. Performing a quick search in this category will open your eyes to truly endless possibilities. This is one of the hottest chineses wholesale categories because of the sheer volume of options that exist.

Well there you have it: The 27 hottest Chinese Wholesale product categories on the market. Get out and put them to good use!

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