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PAT Testing Is Now Available From Portable Test Equipment Expert, Megger

A new DVD that provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to PAT testing is now available from portable test equipment expert, Megger.

A trailer that includes a three-minute sample of material on the DVD can be viewed here or by going to the YouTube website and searching for Megger PAT DVD.

Megger’s new DVD explains why PAT testing is needed, the government legislation behind it, and who, for PAT testing purposes, can be considered as a competent person. It then goes on to discuss the definition of a portable appliance, different classes of asset, and to show tests being carried out on assets from each of the commonly encountered classes. Practical advice and a detailed explanation are provided for every step in the test procedure.

With a total running time of 50 minutes, the DVD shows visual inspections and PAT testing being carried out on Class I and Class II portable assets, including an electric kettle and a DVD player, as well as on an extension lead and a plug-in RCD. It also explains how to test “hard-wired” appliances that are covered by the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, and discusses the use of flash testing.

While most of the information provided by the DVD is independent of the type of tester used, the equipment used in the presentation is, for the most part, taken from Megger’s PAT400 professional PAT tester range, and the benefits of the internal data storage and optional barcode facilities provided by these instruments are fully explained. A brief introduction to other Megger PAT tester models is also provided, together with a useful comparison of their features.

Megger’s new PAT test DVD is in no way intended as a substitute for the City & Guilds 2377-22 portable appliance test training course, but it is an invaluable introduction to the subject for those about to take the course, and for those who may wish to refresh and enhance their PAT testing knowhow.

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