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Walk-in Showers Are Quite Popular

Walk-in showers are quite popular even after a number of shower stalls available in the market today. Walk-in showers are mostly preferred for the ease of access they provide. This makes it a perfect choice for homes where a physically challenged or elderly person stays. Here's more about walk-in showers and designs ideas for the same.

Advantages of Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers, as the name suggests, are simply shower areas where you can 'walk-in'. No need to step up or step in. These do not have steps and are in level with rest of the bathing space. The flooring can be made of tiles or a separate shower pan might be installed. A slight slope towards the shower drain is commonly made to avoid water coming out of the shower area. With features like hand shower, easy to access shelves, shower fixtures and knobs, these make a perfect shower area. You can further customize and add features to walk-in showers for the elderly or disabled and ensure complete convenience.

Designs in Walk-in Showers for Seniors

While you design walk-in showers for seniors, make sure that you always remember the 'convenience' factor. Right from the entrance till the interiors all the things must be easy to access and add to the convenience of seniors using it. Like a shower knob far away might make opening and closing it a tough task. Similarly shelves fixed at a height, shelves with difficult-to-open toiletries placed away from their reach need to be completely avoided. Custom walk-in showers provide you a lot of scope to have the best space created according to individual needs.

Starting with the entrance, if possible go for a door-less entrance. If your showers space is not outside the bathing area, you can have walk in showers without doors. Also, if you are adding doors, make sure they are wide enough for easy entry. Barrier free entrance is the primary characteristic of walk-in showers for the disabled. You can instead consider adding designer shower curtains. Add handles and rods inside the shower for support. While adding tiled bathroom flooring, make sure that the tiles are completely slip resistant. If you are not opting for open shower designs, then sliding glass doors can be a good option to check out.

Next, make sure that the shower fixtures and knobs are installed at a lower height. Low enough to be easily accessible for the person sitting on a wheelchair. Another important thing is to have a walk-in shower with seat of average height. Apart from this, shelves for placing the shower essentials like, shower gel, shampoos, soaps, etc must be fixed at a lower height. You can also fix up the designer soap dispensers to store shampoos, soaps and gels. Have open shelves far enough from the shower, but at a lower height to place towels and bath robes. Walk-in showers for seniors which consist of an emergency alarm are the best ones. Also adding a soft fragrance and playing soft music will give seniors a pleasurable shower experience.

With the aforementioned features you can have classy walk-in showers for seniors. Make sure that you do not forget to spruce up the walk-in shower designs and give them a wonderful look. Adding the right decor in neutral colors is essential to make it a great looking place. Combine all those elements that will add up to the enjoyment of having a relaxing shower. Get started!

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Walk-in Showers for Seniors
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