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Portable Dog Houses Are Made for Pet Owners on The Go

Portable dog houses are made for pet owners on the go by providing a temporary abode for your pet during daily outings, camping trips, and other excursions. The tent style portable dog house has become very popular in recent years. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and break down, and can be folded into a compact bundle when not in use. Most dog tents are made from water-resistant fabric so they will provide your pooch a certain measure of protection from the elements.  Other common features include a roll-up screen mesh door, adjustable side ventilation, a bottom pad, and ground stakes for added stability.

Portable Dog House

Some portable dog tents are designed to provide a comfortable restraint system for your dog while traveling in an automobile. The basic idea is that you place your pet in the tent and then attach the tent to a car seat or some other fixed object in the car. The appeal of these soft-sided dog carriers is aptly summarized by the sales literature for the Dog Bag: it is a lightweight but super-strong 'pop up' fabric kennel: more comfortable than a dog kennel, less harsh than a dog cage, bigger than a dog basket, and the ideal pet carrier in the car.

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Another type of portable dog house features a heavy duty plastic shell with a wire grid door and a fold-down handle on top. This style is sometimes referred to as a .  You'll often see them being used to transport pets on airplanes. Some owners also like to use a portable dog kennel for crate training and to provide a temporary home for a young dog until a more permanent dog house is available.

Some portable dog kennels are basically cages made from metal fencing. These are quite a bit larger than the other types of portable dog houses. These can be used at home for an exercise yard as well as at dog shows and sporting events for temporary confinement (as they say in the business).

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