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Plastic Dog Houses Offer a Number of Advantages

Plastic dog houses offer a number of advantages. They are economical, lightweight, and relatively low maintenance.  They are lighter than wood and easy to move around the house or yard. Cleaning a plastic dog house is generally a simple matter of hosing it down. Ticks, termites, and other nasty critters are kept at bay because the non-porous materials are not conducive to nesting.

Ventilation slots, a raised floor, and door flaps are all desirable features that you should look for in a plastic dog house. Some models such as the Petmate Indigo are shaped like an igloo. This particular house sports an extended entrance way so your dog has more room to stretch out. Other plastic dog houses such as the Cozy Cottage (pictured) and the Tuff-n-Rugged are shaped more like a traditional pitched roof dog house.

Plastic Dog House

Plastic dog houses have their place in the canine abode world and can be a viable choice depending on your budget, your home decor, type of dog, and severity of winters and summers. Just keep in mind that plastic does not insulate as well and is not as durable as wood. If you live in an area with very cold winters and your dog has relatively short hair, a heated and insulated wood dog house might make more sense.

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