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Russia Starts Practice The Product Compulsory The Attestation System

After the Russian federal law of 1995 �� product and the attestation service methods �� promulgate, Russia starts practice the product compulsory the attestation system, to the merchandise that the demand provides the safe attestation from several kinds of first develop till now of several thousand kinds of, the merchandise appears on market to practice the product attestation precise go into the system, request the local market to appear on market the merchandise and must have the compulsive attestation marking.In recent years, Russia strengthenned compulsive sex attestation management of the imports gradually, expanding product compulsory attestation to the maritime customs, Russia �� product and the attestation service method �� 14 regulation rules settle" for according to the Russian federal ordinance provision needs to carry on the product of the compulsive attestation, it imports the contract in should write clear want according to the qualified certificate and qualified markings"," the qualified certificate of product should post notice toward maritime customs together with the goods maritime customs declaration form, and be the main document to be enter the inshore permission of Russian federal in order to".
Compulsive attestation product scope of the Russian government provision
The national maritime customs committee of Russian federal of 1996 and 1999s announced" enter the Russian federal maritime customs territory to need to have the merchandise detailed list of the compulsive attestation certificate" twice, mainly including:Food, home appliances, the electronics product, the light industry article, cosmetics, furniture, toy, porcelain and ceramics etc..Exporting with the our country the Russian merchandise contrast can know, the our country all belongs to the compulsive attestation scope toward most products that Russia export, the animality product must still have the animal medical inspection certificate, the food must still have the health certificate.
The foreign merchandise passes Russia standard compulsory the meaning of the attestation
According to the Russian law, if the merchandise belongs to the compulsive attestation scope, producing in Russia in spite of, still importing of, should the current safety provision of basis pass the attestation and receive national standard qualified certificate in Russia.( abbreviation qualified certificate of GOST)Standard qualified certificate in nation of Russia consigns to criticize the certificate and become to criticize to produce the certificate separately two kinds of, a kind of is to consign to criticize the certificate, aim at the exporter is valid to a batch of products only, because Russia don't to our country the laboratory approve, can't issue at the our country.Become to criticize to produce the certificate very fit to the our country business enterprise, once pass the factory check, at three years, term of validity inside, allow the product to sell in Russia.
If export the business enterprise not through Russian product attestation, the arrival of the goods Russia hereafter do the certificate very inconvenient, to pay the maritime customs examination fee and the maritime customs warehouses saving fee, its expenses exceeds that profits that trade probably, and consume to take a lot of time longer.More serious of is to have no GOST certificate product to basically prohibit to appear on market the sale.To business enterprise, obtain Russian compulsory the attestation certificate( GOST), can appear on market the sale directly on the other hand, after acquiring the Russian certificate of GOST and the health certificates, can establish to entrust the sale or direct sales in the .Two is to resolve the problem of use the certificate over a long period of time.Once pass the attestation, at three years, term of validity inside, export a batch of products each time, receive a certificate to copy the piece, then conduct and actions valid certificate assurance export and appear on market. Three is to use Russian compulsory the attestation marking, promote the product value, expand the Russian market to provide the prestige assurance for the business enterprise.

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