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The Examination of The Inspector of UL Belongs to The Machine Homework Basically

The attestation examination detailed regulations
The examination of the inspector of UL belongs to the machine homework basically.Different product of basis, the examination of the inspector according to announce( Bulletin), detailed regulations( Procedure), FUII( if have, include in the detailed regulations) and the UL standard.( if have the request in the FUII)If the inspector interview factory, the factory is producing the product of UL, or have the product of UL of the stock, then inspector would in order to under one of the types samples the sample:
1. From produce on-line sample the each parts to plus a complete product that samples from the warehouse.
2. Sample the each parts to plus to produce the on-line complete product from the warehouse.
3. Sample the complete product to used for dismantling the cent from the warehouse.

The concrete quantity of the sampling is decide in detailed regulations, FUII( follow examination designation), SAP( the standard attaches the page) or come from
In direct order of the laboratory of UL.The inspector examines to combine to not necessarily examine all products each time, but they will examine all product categories or model number in a year or at least two years as far as possible.
Generally speaking, the UL is not too high to the request that the factory produces the system, as long as beg to calculate once annually to the instrument equipments, keep own examination record of good factory, and have certain control means to the unqualified article.While examine, the spot the representative( inspector of UL) will is main the attention concentrated in the product, they will according to above-mentioned examination according to check the structure, parts and assemble of the product item by item.For involve to zero partses of the product safety, will indicate the request as the UL attestation product in the general detailed regulations, and will note to produce the factory house and model numbers;For the outer shell, protect the cover etc. notes the piece of , under general circumstance the detailed regulations will indicate its original material and size requests.The spot the representative will check above each item and detailed regulationses in the marking of UL rule.
Moreover, if request to carry on the spot to the product in the detailed regulations or FUIIs or standards test, the spot the representative will request the factory inspector to do homologous various testses, but the spot the representative then makes the witness aside.If still request to send to the kind to UL to make to follow the test in the detailed regulations, the factory should match with the inspector manufacture to correspond the sample, after inspector write the good sample label, provide the address and seal the kind, sending toward homologous laboratory of UL from the factory.If the product that factory produce meets the request that the UL corresponds the examination standard completely, also having no other to breach the place of follow the service agreement, the inspector meeting has to follow the examination report( the Inspection Report);The representative of the factory at confirm its contents accurate without any error after should sign on the report;Examine once to tell to complete namely.If appeared in the examination process out of accordance with the examination standard the circumstance that match, the inspector meeting has to change the notification( the Variation Notice), and adopt to correspond the measure according to the concrete circumstance.For did not authorize the product usage UL marking, the inspector will request to do away with the marking of UL;Not agree with to match the request of UL for the product, inspector would at request the factory to do away with the marking of UL or return the work to make it meet the request;If factory to the above-mentioned processing dissidence idea, then can temporarily reserve the marking of UL, but must stop the shipment, the inspector will make the laboratory that the circumstance circular correspond to whether a reply decision can reserve the marking of UL or not from the UL;If appear some small problems only, don't affect the safety of the product, the inspector will make decision accept at the time, and report to the homologous laboratory;If is some obviously standard mistakes, don't affect the qualified of the factory product if type the mistake or the unit mistakes,,, but be the UL the text file processing, inspector also the meeting has the alteration notification.Under general circumstance, unless is the responsibility of the company of UL, the inspector will request the factory to make toward homologous laboratory to each item that not agree with to match an explain, UL would according to your hermeneutic make a reply for correspond.Certainly, the judgment of the inspector is just a temporary of, the power to make decisions of the end is certainly in the UL each laboratory.If the factory has to the method of the examination not the place that agree, can reflect toward homologous laboratory completely, at this time, the inspector contain duty provide the homologous contact person and contact the method.At confirm the contents that change notification's record without any error after, factory representative should at notify the in the book signing.

Follow to examine the frequency
����UL to factory the implement follows to examine the time contain explicit provision.
R serve under the condition of normal, for most R factories, the inspector interview time is annually four times, but don't expel a two possibility of quarterly, unless have the special instruction, amount can not over four times.If examine appear the product to not agree with to match the request of UL but need to return the man-hour, the inspector of UL will increase to examine once additionally to take delivery of goods with the confirmation the product has already returned the work, and meet the request of UL.
Serve for the On- Call, then is at least annually once.
QMFZ2, QMFZ3- The degree of every quarter of Plastics( plastics) once until acquire on the trail of examination sample that all laboratory of UL need.The WPYR2- Special- Use Switches( special use switch), see form:A biggest examination number of times of a yield of quarter
0-25,000 1
25,000-100,000 2
100,000-250,000 3
250,000-500,000 4
500,000-750,000 6
750,000-1,000,000 10
1,000,000-1,250,000 11
1,250,000-2,500,000 12
2,500,000- 20
Still have not a few products, only have the minimal examination number of times, such as the label, print the material etc. product, beg only each time
The year is once, at most not exceed every year twice.
L service
For the L factory, an usage quantity( usually become the direct proportion with the yield of the product) and complicated degree of the products that decide to be in the label of UL.The quantity of the product that UL ruled to need to be examine once, also rule a biggest examination number of times of each quarterly.
Examine every 3200 such as the desk lamp, an upper limit of every quarter is 18 times, also is to say, even factory at be a gave birth to of quarter big in 320057,600 products of 18=s of ��s, it examines the number of times is still 18 times.For your product, you can to be responsible for the UL the spot of your factory representative or contact us, acquire to examine the product quantity need once.
Special examination service( SPI)
If you breached to sign with UL of �� follow the examination to negotiate �� , you probably be scathing punishment by the UL,
Include to carry out the special examination to your factory

The attestation factory reviewing
�� The UL attestation product all wants to pass by a province province class Chinese importer-exporter article examination bureau( CCIB) of the authorization of UL to send the person to come to the factory reviewing before head criticize take delivery of goods.Still want to follow the check annually.

Follow examination service agreement
����" Follow examination service agreement" guidebook, for the sake of help the UL customer understands to follow the examination to serve of establish and it carry out of way but give.Usually UL" follow examination service agreement", in view of the fact one juridical documentses, after is was place in the file cabinet inside will not be take out to according to.This guidebook, is not in order to deposit in the file cabinet, but for place in convenient impose for read it in the days to come with.This guidebook with even of, the non- law appropriative text become, its purpose wants to answer the question that customer of UL often have.
UL" follow examination service agreement" went into detail an UL of integrity and your companies on the law mutual relation.So say, the data that this guidebook provide, under the condition of any, can't consider as to replace or change the medium ruling of" follow examination service agreement".Still have, you should what to notice is:This guidebook can't include each problem that the customer of UL may inquire about enough also.The ruling of some" follow examination service approval book" according to the annotation here one guidebook in, these annotation is for the sake of convenience you according to the agreement.
If your company contain any other problem, please representative's contact that follows the service organization with any UL.
 The UL charges standard
����The UL takes its service charge, settling according to the property and scopes of the on the trail of examination service needs.The amount of money of the service charge takes according to the current fee rate.This fee rate sometimes will change, but the circular that change would the writing form send to the applicant.Any additionally follow the examination service the expenses produce also wants to take toward applicant of.Additionally follow the examination the service is think opportune moment of demand is:
(1) be the request that the manufacturer can't match the UL, but need additional examination time;
(2) be to the manufacturer under the condition of normal of control is a shortage. All invoices must pay in announce to public after 30 days, if the expenses has no to pay in this period, your company will be see as did not implement the duty.( Section 22)


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