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Small Spaces May Also Double as Home Offices

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Small spaces such as apartments or tiny guestrooms which may also double as home offices, call for sofa beds or sleepers. Here are three modern sleepers to fit those small spaces.

These sleepers have very slim, modern lines, and even opened up they don't require a tremendous amount of extra space. Since all  have firm surfaces, you may want to top them with mattress pads for sleeping. That could come in especially handy if this is to be your primary sleeping surface. A softer surface to sleep on night after night may be more comfortable.

1. Blu Dot's One Night Stand

3 Modern Sleepers for Small Spaces, Apartments

Blu Dot's One Night Stand was introduced at the 2008 ICFF and continues to rate as one of the favorite sleepers. Its sleek, low profile and mid-century modern lines makes it a natural for smaller spaces, studios and apartments.

The most distinctive feature on this sleeper is its opening mechanism. Simply remove the back cushions and flip the seat forward, turning the back and arm rests of the sofa into support for the bed. The solid support turns the sofa into a sleeper that doesn't wobble and shake every time you change your sleeping position. The One Night Stand sleeper provides a queen-sized surface.

Dimensions: 80"W x 30"H unopened. When converted into a bed it is  80"L x 62"W x 11"H. Costs around $1799. Available in different colors.

2. Miami Sofa Bed from Modani

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The Miami Sofa Bed from Modani also has very minimalist, sleek lines. The back with the cutout and shiny chrome legs make it perfect for an upbeat, modern interior. The sleeper is covered in vinyl which is available in white or gray.

You can convert the sofa into a bed by bringing the back down. The seat fits into the back like a puzzle to form a sleeping surface that is slightly wider than a twin and somewhat narrower than a full-sized bed. So it can sleep one comfortably, and doesn't require a lot of floor space even when it is opened up completely.

Dimensions: 77"L x 35"D as a sofa. 77"L x 43"D as a bed. Costs around $690.

3. CB2 Flex Sofa Gravel

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This is a convertible three-position sleeper sofa. From an upright seated position it can also angle back 45 degrees for watching TV or reading.

To sleep, flip the back all the way down for a surface that can sleep two. The mattress has pocketed coil springs with foam cushion, and the sleeper is covered in a tufted neutral gravel gray with a textured weave.

The frame is powder coated and hand-welded metal and mesh with a sleek polished chrome base.

CB2 has some good, affordable options for smaller spaces and the Flex Sofa is one of them.

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3 Modern Sleepers for Small Spaces, Apartments
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