Trade Resources Industry Knowledge The ETL Is The Brief Name of The American Electronics Test Laboratory

The ETL Is The Brief Name of The American Electronics Test Laboratory

The ETL is the brief name of the American electronics test laboratory( the Electrical Testing Laboratories).The laboratory of ETL is all establish by American inventor Edison in 1896 of, possessing the very high good reputation within the scope of the United States and worlds.Together the UL, CSA is similar, ETL can basis the UL standard or the ASCII test issue the ETL attestation marking, also can at the same time according to standard or Canadian standard test of standard of UL or ASCIIs and CSAs issue compound attestation marking." Us" of the lower right means to be applicable to the United States," c" of the lower left means to be applicable to Canada, have" us" and" c"s to then all apply at two nations at the same time.
Any electricity, machine or the machine electricity product as long as take to has the marking of ETL to express that this product has already attain through the United States and the Canadian product safety standard of widespread approbation of lowest request, it matches the safe standard of related product through test;And also represent to produce the factory approval to receive the strictly periodical check, with the consistency of the assurance product quality, can sell go toward two country markets of the United States and Canada.
The ETL also requests it produce the place to have already led the examination, and applicant approval henceforth as to it's the factory periodically carry on on the trail of examination, to insure the product to meet this request always.
The ETL marking

The relation between attestation of ETL and attestation of UL
What are the �� UL and ETL differentiations?
The UL and ETLses all represent the test that the product approves to test the laboratory( NRTL) through a nation, match the homologous safety standard, and also represent to produce the company the approval receives the strictly periodical check, to guarantee the consistency of the product quality.So the real differentiation lies in the service.Be the ETL customer, you can enjoy the test, examination and the attestation service, fast operation period and vivid work methods that the quantity body make to order.We are creating to cooperate the more close work method with customer, for the purpose of your product sooner and more smooth, the higher effect ground enters the market.
The attestation of ETL and attestation of ULs have the same market of North America precise go into the effect, but the expenses of the attestation of ETL is lower than attestation of UL many, general only have attestation of UL of half, and, the product examination of the attestation of ETL can turn through the CB test report, can save many examination expenseses for you.The ETL attestation time also compare the attestation of UL want to be many short, under special circumstance, ETL can first deliver the certificate, then carry on the factory reviewing, for the exit of your product with save precious time.

What is it the nation that approve to test the laboratory( NRTL)?
Say in brief, is to were approved according to the current safe standard to carry on the product test by the safe and healthy association( OSHA) of occupation the third square laboratory.The nation approves the function of test the laboratory is for the electrical product and to annoy( fuel) the product to provide the independent valuation, test and the attestation services. The NRTL that ETL is approve in the United States, the test organization and the attestation entities that be approve in Canada, the entity that was also approve in Europe.

Does the manufactory of �� must obtain the UL attestation?
Not!Many manufactories all think by mistake and can't choose other the third square tests the colleague, in fact as long as drive accredit NRTL of safe and healthy association( OSHA) of occupation, can carry on the test, examination and attestation services.The ETL series marking matches the national standard for the enunciation product.

What can the marking of ETL on the product of �� explain?
There is marking of ETL on the product for the enunciation product through ETL test, match the related standard.To retail the company, dealer and consumer to say be they purchased through the third square tests the attestation of product. Does the �� retail price board of trade accept to take the product of have the marking of ETL?
The marking of ETL is the certificate that the product matches the marking, the ETL is also a nation to approve to test the laboratory( NRTL), so the dealer have no product that the reason does not accept to take to have the marking of ETL.Some retail price or retail the company and also will think by mistake the third square the leeway that the test organization didn't choose.The ITS is changing the people's idea, and help the business enterprise to make their product entered the market sooner.

Which dealers purchase the product of have the marking of ETL?
Most dealers all purchase the product of have the marking of ETL in the world, to them the ETL and ULs have the same effect.Listed some dealers as follows, but not only be limited by this.
Amway Corporation Best Products Co., Inc.
JC Penney
Montgomery Ward
SAM's Club
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Service Merchandise
ShopKo Stores, Inc.
Target Stores
F.W. Woolworth Co.

Which products does the �� ETL marking be applicable to?
The product safety test that ETL provide overlays various product, realm, market, including the dynamoelectric tool, appliance, telecommunication and product of IT, a machine piece, lamp, an air condition, medical and surgical equipment, toy...etc.s, suggest you look into us of product appear on a list the detailed list.The products of the following company all use the marking of ETL:
Apple Computer Apple Computer
Conair Corp. The bears the group of
The Dell Computer wears the computer of
The Kodak of Eastman Kodak
Electrolux gram
The Ericsson love signs the letter
In general use electricity of the General Electric
Panasonic loose bottom
Philips Philip
Vanguard of Pioneer
Radio Shack

�� Which nations accept the marking of ETL?
The ETL marking is in the United States and is Canadian to be accepted extensively, see from the global scope, the ETL also is authorize at other nations the safe attestation marking of product that usage correspond, if the CE marking, the GS marking, S marking, NOM marking etc..As for each nation accept which markings, please check the each marking.

The maritime customs of the region in the �� North America, does the trade public prosecutor know the marking of ETL?
The ETL were approved to test the laboratory by the accredit nation of safe and healthy association( OSHA) of occupation, so it symbolizes the quilt to accept broadly.

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