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The Main SASO Certification Procedures Were Introduced

The main SASO certification procedures:

SASO manufacturers to obtain certification of export products to Saudi Arabia, the need for the following steps:

Apply to the consulting firm, consulting firms, according to product categories, in accordance with the requirements of SASO to the company this product certification procedures;

Submitted by enterprises in accordance with the certification process for testing product samples, and some products (such as motor vehicle parts and accessories products, etc.) the need for factory inspections;

After passing through product testing, SASO Certificate enterprises; such as product testing by the standard, companies will be a detailed description of the report;

Export products to Saudi Arabia, when the goods into the customs certificates issued by SASO, Saudi Arabian Standards Organization's technical staff will check the certificate; SASO certificate could not be issued, the product will be refused entry to Saudi Arabia or the sample or the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Saudi Arabian Standards Organization laboratory testing, such as failure detection, the product will be refused entry, and all costs borne by exporters.

Certification Forms

First, prior to shipment to verify compliance 

In this way the most suitable for very small shipments of exporters or manufacturers. Application before each shipment before the shipment inspection (PSI), as well as pre-shipment testing (PST). Both can be qualified to obtain a CoC certificate.

Second, the product registration 

In this way, for the vast majority of customers, its advantage lies in each shipment inspection (PSI) is necessary, but each batch of goods before shipment, without further testing (PST). Affirming the client through the submission of standards, and comply with importing countries and relevant international or national standards for test reports, stating the products have to meet the basic requirements of the importing countries and national differences, we can obtain registration certificates StatementforRegistration (SfR).

Third, type approval 

In this way can save shipping for each pre-test inspection fees or costs, simplify application procedures for duplication, but also ensures that the time of delivery, and are thus more frequent shipments, or as part of a larger scale, focus on quality and reputation of the great favored companies. Exporters or manufacturers of products only in full compliance with the mandatory standards for import and export of the country to get StatementforLicence (SfL) certificate. The certificate is valid for one year, due to be submitted before the report and update plant an annual fee to pay by the RLC can be renewed after review. SfL certificates obtained products are no longer required for each consignment of goods before shipment inspection (PSI), and reduced to the previous year, very few samples (typically 2-3 times / year, according to condition of the product).

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