Trade Resources Industry Knowledge CQC Certification Business Was Introduced

CQC Certification Business Was Introduced

A, CCC Certification

CNCA authorized by the state under the state compulsory product certification (CCC) work.

Second, CQC logo certification

CQC facilities in order to increase the way of signs show that the products meet the quality, safety, environmental protection, performance, and other standards for organic agricultural products, certification covering more than 500 kinds of products.

Third, management system certification

Mainly engaged in ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSMS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, QS 9000 quality system and HACCP food safety management system certification.

Fourth, the international certification business

International Electrotechnical Commission as a qualified electrician product testing and certification organization (IECEE) multilateral mutual recognition of (CB) system, China's national accreditation body (NCB), now has 17 CB laboratories, can be presented and approved within the IECEE-CB system of 12 categories 209 (400 version) standard CB test certificate, the certificate is 45 countries and regions, 59 countries recognized by the certification body.

Of entering the International Certification Network (IQNet) certification bodies in China, CQC issued the ISO 9001 certificate, ISO 14001 certificate, OHSMS 18001 certificate Union will have access to 34 other countries and regions of the 38 member institutions recognized.

Can provide low-voltage directive, EMC directive, toys instructions, machinery instructions, restrictions on Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and other toxic and harmful substances in the field of five European Union CE Mark Approval for the business.

Deputy U.S. ETL, Germany VDE, T��V-PS, United Kingdom ASTA-BEAB, Japan JQA, Argentina IRAM Certification foreign operations, the progressive realization of the objectives of multilateral mutual recognition.

V. Certification Training Service

Various types of certification training to carry out operations at home and abroad.

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