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LED Panel Light Is Well Known for Energy Saving and Long Lifespan

LED panel light is well known for energy saving and long lifespan. So how long can LED panel light be used?

In the general introduction, LED light can be used 50,000 hours. Some LED light manufacturers declare their LED products lifespan can get 100,000 hours. As for the LED panel light, we can not know its lifespan simply from whether it works or not. We can measure the lifespan of traditional lamps. If it can not work, the lifespan is end. LED panel light can not directly stop working, but it will gradually retrograde. That is "light decay".

According to the LED light manufacturer tests show, high quality LED light can keep the 60% brightness of initial lighting after 50,000 working. If we want to improve the LED lifespan, we must reduce or disperse the heat completely that LED chip generates. The main reason is the heat that causes the LED not work.

Besides, LED power driver of LED panel light is another factor to influence the LED lifespan. If we use low quality power driver and it does not work, LED light can not work any more. Therefore, it will influence the LED light lifespan directly to choose a good power driver.

LED panel light, LED downlight, LED tube, LED bulbs are widely applied indoors. When you purchase LED products, please choose the professional LED light manufacturer. So your products quality can be guaranteed and can be used longer. CNHidee offer 3 years quality guaranteed and 50,000 hours lifespan.

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LED Panel Light Is Well Known For Energy Saving And Long Lifespan
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