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Choose The Perfect Castors

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If you are in need for an industrial application, there is a list of key factors that should be taken into consideration before buying the best castors for your application. The castors can survive against the most strenuous aspects of that application. Castors are playing very important role in serving different kinds of handling needs of a production unit. Buying industrial castors for your industrial applications should be the one-time investment for your business. So it is necessary to buy the best type of castors in order to worth the investment. The castors that are properly specified should provide an extended life to the application with minimum cost of maintenance. Here are some of the important key factors that you must consider before making your investment in industrial castors.

Proper swivel size: the swivel section of the castor is the most important part of industrial castors that help you to move your application in your desired direction. It's the swivel with the help of which you can smoothly handle the heaviest application of your production unit. So the size of the swivel should be considered in accord with the weight and height of your application. The swivel contains ball bearings which are arranged in a pre-determined radius. Generally the radius range of such balls is about 0.125", while for specific application with extraordinary heights the radius must be 0.625". More the radius size, more smoothly you can carry your industrial application.

Hot forged castors: the next consideration associated with the castors wheels is its process of manufacturing. Basically, there are two processes by which the castors are manufactured. One is cold stamped and other is hot forged. Cold stamping is a quite inexpensive method of transforming metal. But the process is limited by the thickness of the material. On the other side, hot forging is a much more expensive method that creates much better finished products. It is used for very thicker steel or metallic plate that ranges from 0.85 inches. Castors with highest physical properties can be produced by hot forging of steel or metal. Thus, it is advisable to buy castors created from hot forging method for you industrial application.

Thickness and width of castor leg: after deciding the desired swivel size of your castor and the appropriate method of its manufacturing, the next critical thing you need to consider is the leg size of the castor. While determining the leg size, you need to consider the thickness of the material from which the castors is manufactured.

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How to Buy The Perfect Castors
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