Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Overhead Cranes Are Colossal Machines Designed for Material Handling and Heavy Lifting

Overhead Cranes Are Colossal Machines Designed for Material Handling and Heavy Lifting

Overhead Cranes are colossal machines designed for material handling and heavy lifting. Individual units can have varying load capacities the maximum of which can go up to 120 tonnes. When such big machines carry such high loads, it is imperative that the operator and the workers at ground zero be very careful regarding their safety. Here are a few tips to ensure that these cranes are used safely while moving heavy loads.

The operator should be very focused at the job at hand; there shouldnâEUR(TM)t be diversion to any activity that takes the focus away.

Load should never be lifted, lowered or moved unless the personnel are cleared from the loadâEUR(TM)s path.

The operator must take into account all the obstacles that the crane may face while moving the load. These obstacles must be removed beforehand lest they may create an emergency situation amid load handling.

Overhead Crane should never be used to lift, lower or transport personnel.

Unnecessary inching and quick reversals of direction must be avoided.

The operator must check the braking system. For that he should lift the load only a few inches of the ground and apply the brakes. Once he is sure he can continue with the lifting process.

Load or hoist hook should not be swung while the hoist or bridge trolley is in motion.

The contact between trolleys or between trolleys and stops should be gentle and jerk free.

Before the bridge or trolley travel motion of the crane is started, the operator must activate the manual warning device. At the same time, it will be better to verbally warn the personnel before the crane starts travelling along its path.

The safety tips mentioned are simple yet effective. If operators keep all these small guidelines in mind, accidents can be averted and safety can be guaranteed to all the personnel involved in handling and moving of heavy loads. Remember, safety comes first and it should never be compromised with.

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Safety Tips for Operating Overhead Cranes
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