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LED Displays Applied in Stadium

LED display now becomes a necessary equipment in many modern stadium place, when in the big and important sports match, there are many big size LED display are use as a necessary equipment. When working in the stadium, the large LED display should be displayed the matches information clearly, in time and correction.

Accross live media video technology, the LED Display can display the information of the matches. contrast and create a tense, warm atmosphere of competition. Also requires a system with simple, accurate and fast, easy to operate man-machine interface, supports multiple sports project, meet all the physical rules of the game requirements, easy maintenance and upgrades.

The Large LED display generally divided into two parts dot matrix display and time, computer network control system for data processing, control of large-screen display for network systems and broadcast television systems provide real-time information; exclusive judges of the competition system for all kinds of sports basic score information infrastructure.

Another LED display is time-points LED display time with the game scoring system connected players play the game results and related information from the game sense, the screen time is more important points, some of the video track can not big screen, but can not do without for the time points of the screen.

Timing and scoring screen, and the key is immediately clear and accurate, and on this basis, try to make it more lively and expressive. Scoring screen to text or text with the main graphics animation competition players displayed results, data or other information. The color can make single color, multicolor or full color LED display.

Note that, sports Outdoor LED Signs system is a set of various design competitions, scoring display, illustrations, posters, video, audio and other multimedia players and athletes, team management background integrating information management center, in order to effectively work to achieve the above, using the computer network system as an electronic display system hardware and software platforms, electronic screen.

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The Application of LED Displays in Stadium
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