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An Elegant Flooring Adds Home Resale Value

An elegant flooring adds home resale value and at the same time, secures the home foundation. Selecting a luxuriant flooring that comes under low-budget type is quite challenging for all homeowners. You need to consider certain aspects, such as floor size, wall color, furniture, maintenance level and overall interior decorating ideas. Fortunately, there are several cheap flooring alternatives, which look fabulous without spending much on them.

Cheap and Nice Flooring Alternatives

Keeping in mind that laying floor is a long-term decision, make sure you do a market survey and research about the material choices available that come under your budget. Take advice from your friends about cheap flooring ideas that you can implement in your home improvement project. Also, some of the materials can be installed on your own, thus, saving labor charges. Listed below are some cheap flooring options which will interest you.

Bamboo Flooring

One of the cheap flooring alternatives that is eco-friendly and looks elegant is none other than bamboo. Bamboo floor is excellent for those who prefer hardwood flooring, but cannot afford the budget and regular care required for conventional wood type. The cost for bamboo flooring comes to about USD 1.99-4.99 per square foot.

Laminate Flooring

So, you are renovating the look of your room, but prefer inexpensive flooring alternatives? The ideal choice would be laminate floor, which resembles wood flooring in appearance. The plus points of laminate flooring over conventional wood type is cheaper price (USD 1-5 per square foot) and less maintenance requirements.

Concrete Flooring

Before earthy colored and rough textured concrete floors were exclusively used for garage, basement and similar areas. Today, with so many colors and texture patterns, the popularity of concrete flooring is increased amongst many people. Laying concrete floors may cost about USD 7 per square foot. They are noted for their high durability and easy installation.

Cork Tile Flooring

The low budget-friendly flooring alternatives available in the market include cork tile. A natural product, it is biodegradable and recyclable for future use. You can go through cork flooring pros and cons to come up with a final conclusion. The base price for cork flooring tiles start from USD 4 per square foot, which is much lesser than the price of cork stains and planks.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl floor tiles are perfect for installation in bathrooms, living rooms and other traffic areas of the house. Some sub-standard vinyl flooring prices are lesser than USD 1, but the best products range from USD 2-5 per square foot. As they are man-made products, you can order for personalized color and design to complement your room decoration

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Similar to vinyl tiles, the vinyl sheet flooring cost is very low, about USD 0.49-4.99 per square foot. You can even find sheet that mimic natural flooring materials, like wood and stone. Even though vinyl flooring does not increase the home value, it is preferred for its low price, less maintenance and high versatility.

Laying Carpets

If you want a quick fixing and cheap flooring option, nothing can beat the versatility of carpets. Available in different colors and creative designs, they are inexpensive and simple to lay on floors. With carpets, you can postpone your home remodeling project to a future date, or until the time when you can invest more on flooring.

Last but not the least, always look for inexpensive flooring materials that come with warranty. As you shop for flooring, look for the best deal and ask for discounts, especially, if you are purchasing in large quantities.

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