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The Introduction of The Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

On a cold, chilly night in December what you need is, to cozy around a nice fireplace. Most of the fireplaces are indoors but an outdoor fireplace has a different charm all together. An outdoor fireplace resembles the normal indoor fireplace. The only difference is that the indoor fireplace is not placed or added to a stone, brick or a cement patio, which an outdoor fireplace is. The one thing that makes the outdoor fireplace special is that you can enjoy the cold weather sans the cold!

There are different types of fireplaces - the classy wooden, iron or any other metal, ventless, contemporary or reinforced fireplace. Each of these type of fireplaces require different accessories, apart from a few, which are the basic accessories and these are the same for indoor accessories as well.

Contemporary Fireplace Accessories

Contemporary fireplaces are very often made of wood accent. Mostly metal is used in contemporary fireplaces. They are more compact and sleek than the traditional fireplaces. The best part about these accessories is that, if they are wall mounted or suspended, they do not eat up the ground space. This gives them the edge over traditional fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces on the other hand have a lot of scope for carvings and intricate outdoor fireplace design plans, and have elaborate fireplace mantels.


Grates are the frames made of iron bars to carry and hold fuel for fire. This is an important outdoor fireplace accessory.


An andiron, also referred to as dog-iron, is primarily a horizontal iron bar on which the logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace. They have an important function of holding up the firewood for air circulation and proper burning. It has an upright guard connecting the two short legs. That guard keeps the logs while they burn and settle. There is a lot of chance for andirons to be ornamental.

Fire Dogs

It is quite akin to an Andiron, however, the usage could date hundreds of years back. A fire dog is a metal or ceramic device which is used to hold the logs above the hearth. The purpose is to allow better circulation of air, resulting in faster and proper burning. This is also used to hold skewers over the fire for cooking. This accessory is important from the perspective of fire safety as well.

Wood Burning Fireplace Accessories


Bellows is a tool for delivering pressurized air in regulated quantity to a regulated or controlled location. This deformable container has an outlet nozzle. The mechanism is that, when there is a reduction in the volume of the bellows, the air escapes through the outlet.

Hearth Rugs

Hearth rugs are nothing but special rugs which are put in front of the fireplace.

Fireplace Poker

Fire place pokers are rigid rods used to adjust the fuel (coal or wood) which is burnt in the fireplace. It is made of metal, most of the time, and has a point at one end to push the burning material.


Fenders are a kind of a screen or metal frame placed in front of the fireplace, to prevent the hot coals or wood pieces from falling out. Fenders are an important element of metal, iron as well as copper fireplace accessories.

Other Fireplace Accessories Heavy Metal Firebacks: These are accessories which are used to capture and re-radiate heat for the protection of the area behind the fireplace. It could also serve ornamental purposes in a relatively plain fireplace. Log Racks and Log Holders: These are used to store the logs in a systematic manner. These are an important part of outdoor fireplace accessories. Chimney Dampeners: These are an instant solution to the ever-so-common chimney backdraft, with their lever for accurate draft control. Fireplace Cadelabra: It is a candle holder basically, with intricate and ornamental, that fits into the fireplace. There is basically an array of outdoor fireplace accessories to choose from. You just have to pick which one suits and which one is the most required one for your fireplace. Hope these accessories help you enliven your fireplace! Heat it up!

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Outdoor Fireplace Accessories
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