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CNC Equipment Started a Mechanical Revolution in The Woodworking Industry

When it hit the market in the late 1970s, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment started a mechanical revolution in the woodworking industry. From the time of its invention through the decades leading up to today, computer-controlled equipment has led to increasingly automated production environments, as computers replace machine operators, and the accuracy of woodwork has been taken to new heights. Today, computer-controlled hardware such as a CNC router is indispensable to companies that have a high production rate, or produce highly detailed pieces. However, as the following information regarding owning CNC equipment demonstrates, the decision to upgrade to computer-controlled machinery should be made carefully. A plethora of equipment is available When a company needs industrial CNC equipment, it literally has decades’ worth of hardware from which to choose. Buying used CNC woodworking machines is a popular way of mitigating the high price of computer-controlled hardware. When the equipment has industrial grade design and receives regular maintenance, it can last for decades. In the current economy, many companies must maintain a tight equipment budget, and buying pre-owned CNC equipment helps them do so. New equipment might be considered expensive The price range for a new industrial CNC router is varies. If you need equipment priced at the higher end of the spectrum, buying it secondhand may be a smart investment. To be fair, most companies gradually scale up their machining capacity as their business grows, and have the finances to afford equipment when they need it. Nevertheless, buying new equipment might require a significant investment, unless if it is purchased secondhand. Increased production capacity Computer-controlled hardware increases production capacity for two reasons: The cutting mechanism operates more efficiently than the cutting mechanism of standard equipment, and the unit can be programmed for long production runs that do not require the assistance of an operator. In fact, new and used CNC woodworking machines can be operated 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day, and only need to be disengaged for scheduled maintenance. Could reduce manual labor By reducing the need for operators, computer-controlled equipment makes it harder for traditional machinists to find jobs. Training to use computer-controlled equipment is vastly different than training to use conventional equipment; Most of the skills for operating the latter are non-transferable to operating the former. For companies, the need for fewer workers has a positive side—payroll is reduced. Reduces waste work

The computer that controls CNC equipment ensures the cutting mechanism makes precisely the same cuts with each pass, producing an exquisite level of repeatability across long production runs. Over time, this repeatability saves a company thousands of dollars by eliminating waste pieces. Computer-controlled equipment essentially eliminates human error from the production process. Call RT Machine for Your Equipment Needs If you need new or used CNC woodworking machines, RT Machine is the place to get them. We have a large selection of computer-controlled equipment that includes routers, panel saws, lathes, and other equipment. We also have an equipment locator service that quickly finds equipment we do not have in stock. For assistance with choosing the right CNC router for your needs, call us today. Source: rtmachine

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