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Furniture Styles for a Loft

A loft apartment is an apartment that consists of one huge room with no walls for demarcating living spaces like bedroom, dining area or living room. If you have a loft apartment, you know that space is very precious and every square inch of space counts. The furniture in a loft apartment should therefore be such that it makes the loft look inviting and spacious. Big heavy pieces of antique furniture have no room in a loft apartment. The furniture should also be able to multitask and knock down pieces or modular furniture is the best loft apartment furniture. Sofa beds that work as a sofa for seating and later can be modified into a bed are great for a loft apartment. You also need to consider smart storage solution for your loft apartment as big wardrobes and cabinets are not very useful in a loft apartment.

Furniture Styles for a Loft

For decorating a loft apartment, one of the main things to remember is that you need furniture that is not only stylish and chic, but which can also divide the room. A loft apartment is very similar to a studio apartment. Let us look at loft furniture ideas according to each living area in the loft.

Living Area

For the living room area, you need a sofa or a couch along with a center table. Coffee tables, side tables and a cabinet are not necessary for a loft, as it will only create clutter. The first rule to remember while buying furniture for a loft apartment, is that the furniture should not be bulky, overly ornate with carvings and should be small. Minimalistic modern furniture designs with clean straight lines in light colored wood and solid colored upholstery are your best bet. Purchase a wrought iron sofa and decorate it with multi-hued silk cushions for an airy and spacious look in your loft. You can also choose a comfortable squashy couch in a neutral colored upholstery for a similar effect. Center tables should be low and ideally be made of a light wood with a glass topper. A coffee table that has drawers for storage also makes good loft furniture. You can store books, magazines and CDs here so that your apartment has an uncluttered and neat look. A bookcase that acts like a room divider can also be placed here.

Sleeping Area

For the sleeping area, a small loft bed with additional storage for storing your linen is absolutely essential. A dresser for storage as well as a wall mounted television can be placed in this area. A small wardrobe that comes with space saving shelves and drawers is also a good studio apartment furniture piece. If you have an ugly steel wardrobe or have inherited a huge wooden wardrobe, then there is no need to throw it away. Just paint it in a light color like apple green or egg shell blue and transform it into one of the most unique pieces of furniture. If you have enough storage space in your bed, then you can do away with the dresser altogether. Furnishings for the loft apartment like curtains should be in soft and light fabrics like linen and cotton. Stay away from bold and busy prints and fabrics like velvet, jacquard and heavy silks. This makes the room look smaller than it is.

Furniture that is not in solid wood, but has some metallic accents in steel and chrome are ideal for a loft apartment. Also make sure that while placing furniture, you could group them in such a way, that it creates a cohesive look. Placing too much of furniture together so that none of the floor space is visible is not the way to decorate a loft. Use accessories like glass and steel lamps, wall clocks and wall hangings to give the apartment some style and character.

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