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It Is About Picking The Right Accessories to Create The Mood You Want

Holiday decorating is about picking the right accessories to create the mood you want. It can be as simple as an all white color scheme, be rustic and simple, or be detailed with rich jewel tones for a traditional glow.

Add color and texture

  • Simply tossing in some rich colored pillows can make the room feel different. Choose warm and spicy colors, or maybe something with mirror work or metallic details to catch the light and add to a glowing effect.
  • Use richly textured throws.
  • Put up artwork on the walls to add both color and texture.

Add warmth

  • Changing the shades on your lamps to warm colored ones can make the light appear richer.
  • Use candles, but make sure they are safely placed, and the flame is not close to any flammable object. Better yet, use flameless LED candles.
  • Silver, copper, or other metal accessories placed under lamps can reflect light and add to a feeling of warmth and richness. Silvered mercury accessories are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Make it cozier

  • Get rid of any clutter on your coffee tables
  • Arrange your furniture in conversation groups.
  • Add rugs to your floors or walls.
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