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Feng Shui Is an Ancient Chinese Philosophical Principle

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical principle focuses on the flow of natural energies present in indoor environments and how they affect our lives. The energy, also known as 'Chi' in Chinese, 'ki' in Japanese and 'prana' in India, is the essence of life. And 'in fact this energy that helps us to rebalance our lives, ensuring positive and helping us to achieve success.

Paul Darby, Feng Shui Doctor, has collaborated with Logitech in the development of two technology projects and interior design to create the ideal arrangement that allows the use of PC in terms of absolute comfort and balance energy.

Here are suggestions by Paul Darby for proper placement of objects in space.

Integrating Technology and Principles of Feng

 West – Relax and comfort

The setting in the West promotes relaxation and comfort. It is perfect for the space dedicated to games and watching movies and allows you to be creative and choose what people want to do at their own pace. The energy - or who - it allows the abstraction from the outside world and allows you to be immersed in a true spirit of imagination.

The ideal colors for this environment include the typical Earth tones such as browns and caramel tones, which are reproduced here in pillows and in narrow-necked vase. The combination of earth tones and metal supports a vibrant yet stable. The ornaments on the mantel, the sofa cover the cup and the metallic plate reflect the colors of white and cream. The glass table is equally significant. The glass derives from the sand, which is an element of the Earth. It is therefore a very stable material. This is the relaxation area, while adopting a touch of energy, fun and frivolity.

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 expresses perfectly well that you breathe in this room with its silvery-gray, rounded at the base and soft and comfortable. The products that reproduce music as Squeezebox Radio, shall ensure that the energy remains in motion, avoiding the phenomenon of stagnation. Anywhere Logitech Mouse MX, usable on any surface, is on the glass table to ensure stable energy to capture the full!

Integrating Technology and Principles of Feng_1

 The South – keep connected

Located in the south, this is the corner where people communicate with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - to help in establishing social relations - or by e-mail.

 In ancient Japan and ancient China, the south was the point of access to the outside world. Having access to a building to meet people, the entrance was to the south, through the "Ming tang" or entry of greatness. A good starting point for a successful meeting.

In this second proposal the dominant colors are red and yellow. The first is the luck. The red color of blood, reflects life. By entering these shades furnishings you can positively affect the external partners transmitting energy enthusiastic. The red bird placed on the sideboard is also the symbol of the South in Feng Shui represents success and fortune. The red flowers instead, and the vibrant essence symbolize good luck.

Japanese art of flower arrangement (ikebana), the flowers are arranged in three levels: the highest level identifies the paradise, and the second represents the people while the latter symbolizes the earth. The combination of these three plans is the outside world and relationships with people, ensuring success and good reputation. Yellow is the color of the sun, denoting communicative, warmth, and inspiration.

The combination of red and yellow in this area is so ideal, because it stimulates the energy in the room and welcomes the ability to communicate (yellow) giving the opportunity for people to get in touch with the outside world.

If you use a PC, it is important to remember that in general the corners are alive and therefore it is advisable round shapes to balance the energy. The soft shapes of Logitech Z320 speakers and Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 full mouse go to offset the sharp lines and corners of the notebook. Always keep a stabilizer in the room in question so as to harmonize and balance the other energies: in this case the element that helps round lines are placed on the cabinet, such as vases, for example.

The dragon in the background image is located in the east and facing west, to promote growth and ambition. The colors are very bright candle, once lit the area will gain energy, enthusiasm and passion. The red flowers are auspicious. The amethyst stone cleanse the room and keeps the energy moving. The lamp allows a continuous movement of energy, avoiding stagnation. To the south, the pink panel on the wall promotes serenity and the perfect balance between the different forces.


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Integrating Technology and Principles of Feng
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