Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Argentina IRAM, Established in 1935, Is a Non-Profit Private Association

Argentina IRAM, Established in 1935, Is a Non-Profit Private Association

Argentina IRAM, established in 1935, is a non-profit private association. As Argentina's national standards body, as well as independent certification services. Argentina certification system in 1998 based mainly on the development of Resolution92/98 issued and the provisions from the December 31, 2002 onwards, the required products within the scope of the Organization must be approved by Argentina (Argentina Accreditation Organization, OAA) completed a recognized certification body certification test.

Manufacturer of products to be affixed in Argentina S mark products can be recognized that. Argentina S mark major national IRMA standards or IEC standards. In fact, IRMA standards refer to IEC standards are mostly developed.

Resolution 92/98 is based on the phases, and includes a wide range of products and safety standards.

IRAM Argentina institutions in the following:

ISO - the national standards organizations

0P0DAMN - MERCOSUR Standards Association

COPANT-PAN-American Technical Standards Committee

And management of the Argentine Association of Electronic Technology, IEC National Committee of Argentina


IRAM from the 60's started to become a certification body, which currently certified products within the following areas:

* Electronic Technology

* Mechanical

* Chemical

* Health

* Security and Protection

* Toys

* Gas

* Enhance the mechanical

* Food

* Chinese medicine, etc., as well as quality and environmental management systems.

It was OAA (Argentina) approved electronic technology products of CB (Certification Body), were also recognized by the Government of the compulsory product certification accreditation body. It was OAA (Argentina), INN (Chile) and INMETRO (Brazil) recognized the quality and environmental management system CB (Certification Body), is also a member of I-Qnet.

In the certificate of approval before the need for a 'pre-certification - factory inspection'. Once the certificate of approval, but also the need for the next factory inspection.

IRAM holder to pay the certification fee after the entry into force, unless because they do not meet certain contract requirements or certification mark, or the holders of their own request, will be withdrawn.

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