Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Highly-Anticipated Brightness Upgrade to Its Lampless M-Vision LED Projector

Highly-Anticipated Brightness Upgrade to Its Lampless M-Vision LED Projector

Digital Projection International (DPI) announces a highly-anticipated brightness upgrade to its lampless M-Vision LED projector lineup. By combining new LED illuminators and color gamut expansion techniques, DPI's M-Vision LED displays now provide brightness over 1,000 lumens. DPI offers a variety of LED projectors for command and control, professional and simulation applications. In addition, DPI's LED displays continue to deliver Lifetime Illumination, providing a virtually maintenance-free that never requires a lamp replacement.

Though generally LED projection systems are less bright than many lamp-based projectors in the test, from the point of view of the viewer the LED projection systems are actually much brighter than their measured luminance specifications, thanks in part to the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect (H-K effect). LED illuminated projectors produce extraordinarily high color purity and saturation, thus appearing brighter than a lamp-based display with similar measured lumen specifications.

LED projectors are ideal for any application needing long-life projection systems with unmatched color saturation and color stability such as critical 24/7 projection applications. Applications utilizing DPI's higher-lumen M-Vision LED and dVision LED displays will benefit from their Lifetime Illumination lifespan more than 60,000 hours. DPI's Lifetime Illumination certification ensures that their LED projectors will deliver many years of consistent, engaging and virtually maintenance-free imagery for the application in which they're installed. Providing 3-chip color saturation from small-form single chip displays, M-Vision LED and dVision LED displays present powerful, capable solutions for a variety of commercial and residential applications including home media, visualization and simulation where image quality, long-life and low long-term cost of ownership are equally valued.

A combination of consistently stable, long-term light output and a supremely low-maintenance illumination system defines DPI's LED display solutions. In each of Digital Projection's LED displays, the RGB-based LED illumination system eliminates the need for a color wheel to produce primary colors. Instead, red, green and blue LED's produce primary color illumination, rendering a color gamut and color saturation similar to that of a 3-chip DLP projector with no color wheel artifacts. Additionally, certain LED displays in DPI's product line feature their FastFrame technology, which assures fast-moving content appears remarkably sharp and free of motion smear - an especially vital capability for simulation applications.

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Digital Projection International Upgrades Its M-Vision LED Projector