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Argentina Enacted a Resolution Establishing a Mandatory Certification System

For public safety and use of electrical appliances, Argentina requested the sale of electrical products must meet the requirements of the appropriate safety regulations. Argentina in February 16, 1998 enacted a resolution establishing a mandatory certification system started in Argentina in the market of electrical products to meet the minimum safety requirements. The implementation of the system is divided into three phases:

Phase I: Certificate of Compliance (Certificate of Conformity)

This stage is similar to the certification of CE certification in Europe. Argentina entered the market all electrical appliances will need a certificate of compliance, that is, we usually say that the CE certificate.

Phase II: Type Approval (Type Approval)

Products to be recognized in the IRAM laboratory tests to obtain its type approval certificate issued. Type Approval to conduct safety tests only, without inspection, but the products can not use any symbol of security certification.

Phase III: Product Certification (Product Certification)

At this stage the market in Argentina for all products sold must be of national certification marks. Certified products can use the "S" logo.

At present, Argentina is the third phase of authentication, that is, product certification phase transition, the current type approval certificate may be accepted in Argentina.

However, in 2001 and 2002, products will be gradually completed the transition to the certification stage.

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