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System 180 Has Represented a Universal Construction Kit System

System 180 Debut at Imm Cologne - Furniture & Accessories Europe

System 180 has represented a universal construction kit system that can be used for furnishings as well as architectural tasks for more than three decades. This year, the Berlin manufacturer now is represented at imm cologne for the first time, opening up new design options with six new surface patterns in its trade-fair debut in addition to several system novelties.

Reduction to what is essential is a general claim of furniture producer System 180. This affects, for example, the clarity of construction, simplicity of form and classic material mix. Apart from these, the construction kit system of stainless steel tubes, which was patented in 1989, permits implementation of a near-unlimited wealth of individual furnishing solutions and architectural structures. Developed based on a grid size of 180×180 mm, which is reflected singly or as a multiple in many areas of daily life, it has high compatibility for many different applications in the object and residential area, thus offering convincing solutions for the requirements of a mobile society and flexible working world.

The furniture system of System 180 will bring even more motion into space in 2014. By expansion of furniture construction depths by 600 and 780 mm as well as widths by 630 and 810 mm, the company supplements its storage space system, permitting best freedom of design. The table system RackPod, available in two sizes, seamlessly merges into the overall system while maintaining its formal independence. DT-Line, another system novelty of the last year, is made up of standing table and mobile board to supplement the creative working world by an applied innovation culture.

The Berlin furniture constructor put special attention on selection of six coloured surface patterns in the last months to supplement the modular system in future. The colours of ruby red, night red, light yellow, yellow-green, medium blue and night blue were determined for this in a multi-level selection procedure. In addition to current trends, this was mainly aligned with patterns that correspond to the formal language of the furniture construction system and set interesting accents. Additionally, the light grey pattern was selected, suitable for workplace use due to its particularly low reflection. The new surfaces are once again subjected in detail to inspection by specialists and potential users at the trade fair. Therefore, you will be able to determine which ones of the colours will be available in the end.



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System 180 Debut at Imm Cologne - Furniture & Accessories Europe
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