Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Wood Kitchen Cabinets Add a Sense of Beauty and Elegance to Any Kitchen

Wood Kitchen Cabinets Add a Sense of Beauty and Elegance to Any Kitchen

Wood kitchen cabinets add a sense of beauty and elegance to any kitchen. Sophisticated design and look is easily achievable by selecting the right type of wood. One of the most important decisions will be determined by your budget. The budget of your kitchen project will determine if you get solid wood cabinets or cheaper laminate cabinets. Solid Wood Cabinets The harder woods are especially bold and make a tremendous impact on the powerful designs of many modern kitchens. Knots and grain designs create a very unique look to any wood cabinets. Solid wood provides strength that is superior to many other cabinet materials. While costing more, they are sure to last longer than cheaper alternatives. Laminate Wood Cabinets Wood cabinets are available for people on budgets as well. Laminate wood is a thin layer of wood that is applied to a plywood or particle board base. This is a lower cost option, but does not have the durability of solid woods. Because the laminate is real wood, much of the same desired beauty of solid wood is still present in the laminate. Project budgets are often the determining factor in purchasing wood kitchen cabinets. Cost effective laminates provide the solid wood look, without the higher price. For durability,however, solid wood cabinets are unsurpassed. Source:

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Choosing Laminate or Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets
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