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Choosing a Great Idea for Decorating Your Teen's Room

Teenagers all over the world can definitely prove to be a challenge for most parents! I can say this with great confidence as I have probably shown the same traits most teens would do during this very fluctuating phase in their lives. Teenagers are known for their moody behavior sometimes even displaying a cranky attitude at times! For any teenager, his/her bedroom can be considered to be one safe retreat; this is the place where a teen finds his/her space. Therefore, tackling your teenager's bedroom is no easy task, what seems a mess to you may seem to be really cool for your fussy teen! The designs should therefore be planned with great amount of thought to your teenager's varying moods and likes and dislikes. The main criteria would also be to keep it neat and tidy at all times but perhaps this may not always hold true! The key lies in sensible planning and of course, choosing a great idea for decorating your teen's room.

Pop Star Look

Most teenagers are simply obsessed with pop and rock stars and also aim to be like their icons in many ways. Use this as a theme for your teenager's bedroom. Instead of yelling hoarse about the pin ups, use this creatively and incorporate it in the design as well. Funky colors and attractive pin ups can be used as part of the decor. These kinds of designs can also incorporate a strategically placed musical instrument and the use of accessories that give a hint of your teenager's favorite music star as well.

Good Ol' Denim Look

Jeans form to be a staple diet for many teenagers across the globe and you can use this as an apt idea! The versatility of denim is probably what makes this the most popular fabric adorned by people of all ages. The denim fabric can be used innovatively as a design. Furniture can also be created with a touch of denim fabric. This can surely make a pretty picture! Sheets and curtains can also be created with the use of denim fabric. You can go in for patterned denims if the normal blue is not the kind for you. Denim has also been incorporated for certain kinds of crockery as well and some of these items can be used to accessorize the room!

Beach Look:

Teenage bedroom designs can be planned in an innovative manner if your teenager is a complete beach lover. This will help many parents of beach loving teens who tend to bring some sand into their rooms every time they hit the beach! You can see the brighter side; the sand can well prove to be a part of the deco for the bedroom! Get a bright mix of floral patterns and zany colors. Girls are bound to love this one! A vibrant beach theme can be used to give the feel of some fun in the sun! Teenage bedroom designs can utilize this theme to the fullest and you can play around with colors to get the right feel. Use some cool beach accessories to jazz up the room as well - things such as a mini beach umbrella and sunglasses or flip-flops can be used as part of the theme. Go in for vibrant wallpapers as well.

Flowers and Floral Patterns:

Many teenage girls would love colorful or pastel shaded floral patterns as a bedroom design. This can be made to look colorful and vibrant as well as cool and calm as per one's preference. You can incorporate bold floral themes or even opt for some dainty designs for girls who love to get the feel of nature all around. Use floral patterns in moderation though, if you wish to avoid a clutter. If you have patterned pillows, use simple bedspreads. Balance all the elements used to have a visually pleasing bedroom design. Chances are, your teenager may really go all out to keep her bedroom neat and tidy!

Keep it Casual:

Sometimes, a casual bedroom design can prove to be a better bet than those going over the top. Keep it simplistic so that you can probably alter it as your teenager grows up. These are the teenage years when one can tend to be pretty whimsical about things! If your child is particularly fond of reading, you can select a particular corner and use some really comfy furniture out there. Look for a unique and stylish lamp so that leisure reading can continue in the late hours as well. Look for patterns and colors that create a comfortable feel. Some witty pin ups can be used as well. Fabrics can be more textured for such teenage bedrooms; avoid the look of shiny fabrics.

Use these teenage bedroom design ideas to create different spunky looks for your home.

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