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YAHAM's Corporate Image and Product Line

YAHAM’s corporate image and product line. The orange color eases people’s tension, making the booth more inviting, and the segmented structure gives people a clear idea of our product category. Also need to mention is that our booth stands at the cross of the whole exhibition hall, which inevitably gives us an edge on customer traffic. It also implies that our company cares about the Expo and values the visitor’s attention, and finally has the competency to realize that.

Secondly, the products. Now let’s tour inside the booth and check our three product categories.

LED Display

We have designed and manufactured both indoor and outdoor LED Displays for more than 10 years with numerous iconic projects in China and global market. During the CITE, we brought one of our most popular displays, the indoor SMD Pitch 6mm model. The actual displaying is crisp and smooth. Viewing at the optimal distance, you’ll be amazed by the sharp contrast image.

Another one is the Pitch 2.4mm indoor display, the smallest pitch of our indoor series, best for close proximity viewing.

The outdoor series is a Pitch 16mm Mesh display. Anyone who wants an ultra-thin, low-weight outdoor display may consider this one. And it’s ideal for large-size display. Currently we’ve finished a 1500m2 display with this mesh type in Shenzhen. And we also had successful project in Japan for the F1 race, during which our mesh display played a significant role in the broadcasting.

LED Traffic sign

Yaham Traffic Division is specialized in led traffic R&D and holds several global leading patents. Our engineers can customize LED speed limit sign and VMS according to your requirement. During the CITE, we exhibited the speed limit sign and VMS samples developed for Netherland market, which no other company at the Expo can do. The unique products attracted professional customers to consult and our engineer’s authority completely convinced the customer, who eventually visited our factory. Based on our development capacity and quality products, our company has long been partner of Siemens, Hong Kong Metro etc.

LED Lighting

HAN’S YAHAM has mostly been designing and producing industrial and commercial LED lights with leading LEDs such as Nichia,power supply like Mean Well. That means our LED lights has excellent luminance, but is also durable and energy-saving. During the show, we displayed the flood light, High-bay light, Tunnel light and Street light. Thanks to the YAHAM LED Light, our booth is beautifully illuminated. To demonstrate our high IP protection and low-heat radiation, we even saturated one flood light completely in water for three days, and the water remains cool at the end. All the lights come with different power and shape. Customers from India, Russia, Turkey, Ecuador etc. are especially interested in them.

That’s our first show on the first CITE stage. Thank all our visitors’ positive feedback and sincere suggestion. Your attention is our driving force to develop more innovative products. If you’re interested in our products, do contact us for more information.

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