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Light Dimmers Makes Some Dramatic Changes Due to The Incorporation of New Light Bulb Types

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Over the last few years light dimmers have made some very dramatic changes due to the incorporation of new light bulb types. Urban dimmer lighting myths have surfaced and have deterred many prior dimmer users to move into more advanced lighting controls or no control at all. ?There are many ways to help save the earth and reduce are carbon footprint and although the overall is gratifying many recycling and energy reductions may feel slightly inconvenient.

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Lighting controls and dimmers not only allow for you to reduce your carbon footprint but to indulge in having control over your environment's lighting. ?By controlling your light's brightness, you can adjust your lighting to meet your needs. Like a lighting "bonus", dimmers allow you to adjust your lights for entertaining friends and family, to enhance your interior's ambiance and even set the room's mood.

When visiting your local lighting store, you may realize that there are many different types of light dimmers. This is because each type of light source requires a special type of dimmers. Keep in mind that it is important for the fixture and overall safety to use a dimmer that is designed, tested, and UL listed specifically for the light source. For example you would need a different dimmer for your eight CFL 20 watt island kitchen lights versus your bathroom mounted 3 light bath bar with lower watt halogen light bulbs. Using a dimmer that is not right for your light source could be dangerous, could result in unusual dimming and will not maximize your light's efficiency.

Dimmers are good for light control. Use dimmers to control how bright or dim you want your environment to be. The brightness or dimness of your room's lighting can effect your overall mood and productivity. Dimmers can save you money, by dimming your light bulb you are reducing the amount of electricity your light bulb uses, therefore reducing your electricity consumption. "Lutron estimates that by installing just two dimmers in place of two standard light switches in every home in the US, the potential annual savings could be US $1.5 billion in electricity and close to 25 billion pounds of CO2—the equivalent to taking more than 1 million cars off the road." Dimmers can reduce the amount of times you need to replace your light bulbs. Dimmers reduce the power to the light bulb, therefore saving energy and reducing the life of the light bulb. Research has proven that incandescent and halogen bulbs can last up to 20 times longer with the use of a dimmer. They make the room and you look better. Some research says that dim rooms rather than brightly lit rooms look better and change the mood. Many people add dimmers to their brightly lit bulbs because they enjoy a dimly lit room, but still have the ability to use bright lighting for those other needs. They're better for your health? Research suggests that just by?dimming the lights in the evening your night time sleep cycles will improve. By lowering your interior lighting to replicate the dim lights of the setting sun your body's natural rhythms will naturally begin to get ready for sleep.

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