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What Is a Luxury Dog House?

If you believe in pampering your pet and sparing no expense for her creature comforts, you are a candidate for a luxury dog house. What is a luxury dog house? Well... I would define it as a house that is spacious, made from top-grade building materials (usually solid wood), aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and unlike all the other dog houses in the neighborhood. Think windows with decorative framing, scrollwork on the door, brass hardware, grand entranceways, wainscoting, chair rail, crown moldings, and other intricate architectural details. In short: luxurious.

Luxury Dog House

If you're looking for a truly unique luxury dog house, your best bet is to find a woodworking shop that specializes in custom pet houses and/or outdoor sheds. One such company is La Petite Maison. They specialize in custom-built dog homes that meet your exact specifications - something to match your home, a particular architectural style that you prefer, or something completely new. Their handiwork is simply amazing.

If you don't want to shell out the bucks for a luxury dog house that is custom-built, there are a number of very attractive wood dog houses in the market place that will likely suit your needs. If you're handy with tools, you can take a crack at building your very own luxury dog house. To get you started, check out the free plans section of the site.

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Luxury Dog House