Trade Resources Industry Knowledge The Implement Is Compulsory The Catalogue of Sex Product Attestation

The Implement Is Compulsory The Catalogue of Sex Product Attestation

The implement is compulsory the catalogue of sex product attestation

A, the electric wire electric cable( total 5 kinds of)
The electric wire module, mineral settles the electric voltage 3 kVs and the following railroad motorcycle vehicles with a soft electric cable of oak, the exchanges sum use the electric wire electric cable, sum settle the electric voltage 450/750 Vs and following rubbers insulate the electric wire electric cable, sum settle the electric voltage 450/750 Vs and following PVCs insulate the electric wire electric cable
Two, the electric circuit switch and protections or conjunctions pack with the electric appliances device( total 6 kinds of)
The matches the tube form that the machine( the domestic expenses, industry use and similar the use tool), plug electric outlet( the domestic expenses, industry use and similar use), hot breaks the body, small scaled to break the machine to break the similar to similar use fix the switch, domestic expenses that the type electricity equip and use of body, domestic expenses to fix the type electricity to equip the electric appliances enclosure outer shell
Three, low-pressure electric appliances( total 9 kinds of)
The electric leakage protection machine, chopper( contain the RCCB, RCBO, MCB), breaks the machine, low-pressure switch( insulate the machine and insulate the switch, to break the machine combination electric appliances), other electric circuit protections to equip[ the protection machine:The limit flows the machine, the electric circuit protection to equip, lead to flow to protect the machine, hot protection machine and lead to carry after the electric appliances, low-pressure machine electricity type contact machine, the electric motor starter], after the electric appliances(36 Vs< the electric voltage �� 1000 Vs), other switches( electric appliances switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, near to the switch, feet to step the switch, hot switch of , the liquid a switch, press button the switch, limit a switch, tiny move the switch and pour agreeable switch, temperature switch, route of travel switch, convert the switch, automatic conversion switch, the knife switch), other equip( the contact machine, electric motor starts the machine, signal beacon, the assistance touches a module, lord ream controller, exchanges the semi-conductor electric motor controller and start the machine), the low pressure becomes a switch equipments
Four, small power electric motor( total a kind of)
Small power electric motor
Five, dynamoelectric tool( total 16 kinds of)
Electric drill( contain to pound at the electric drill), dynamoelectric screw knife and pound at the wrench, dynamoelectric emery wheel machine, sand light machine, buzz saw, give or get an electric shock the hammer( contain to give or get an electric shock the ), not easy liquid electricity air gun, give or get an electric shock the scissors( contain a pair of blades electricity scissors and give or get an electric shock to hurtle to shear) and offend the silk machine, back and forth to saw( contain the curve to saw, the knife saw), insert type concrete vibration machine, give or get an electric shock the chain to saw, the electricity plane, dynamoelectric fix to shear to shear with dynamoelectric grass, the bakelite and fix the side machine, dynamoelectric stone material to incise the machine( contain the marble to incise the machine)
Six, the electric welding machine( total 15 kinds of)
Small scaled exchanges machine, the exchanges machine, direct current machine, TIG machine, MIG/ MAG machine, cover up the ion , such as, the machine of , and etc. to incise the machine, etc. ion machine, the transformer of to defend to get an electric shock the device, the welding electric cable to match the device, electric resistance machine, machine of to send the silk device, TIG torch, the MIG/ MAG gun, the electric welding pliers
Seven, domestic expenses and similar use equipments( total 18 kinds of)
1. frozen box of household-use refrigerator and foods:Valid capacity at 500 sign to rise the following, domestic expenses or similar the use has or has no the refrigerator, the frozen food bin and foods of frozen food storeroom to freeze box and their combinations
2. electric fan:List mutually communicate the electric fan of the similar to the direct current domestic expenses and use
3. air condition machine:Make the cold quantity not over the air condition machine of the domestic expenses of the 21000 greatest card/ hours and similar use
4. electric motor- compressor:Input the power below 5000 W of domestic expenses and similar use air condition and make the closeness type( whole closing type, half close type) electric motor- compressor that cold device use
5. household-use dynamoelectric washer:Take or don't take the water heating device and dehydrate to equip or do dynamoelectric washer of the rinse clothes of the dress device
6. the electricity water- heater:Give or get an electric shock the water- heater to the fixed type of water and quick hot types that the water heats to the boiling point the followings
7. indoor heating apparatus:The radiation type heating apparatus, plank form heating apparatus, liquid type heating apparatus, fan type heating apparatus, convection type heating apparatus of the domestic expenses and similar use, tube form heating apparatus
8. vacuum cleaner:Have to absorb in addition to dry dust or the function of the liquids, from a vacuum cleaner that arouses to commutate the son electric motor or the direct current motive
9. skin and hair nursing tool:Used to the person or the animal skin or the hair nursings to take to have the electricity electric appliances of the hot component also
10. iron:The dry type iron and wet type( steam) irons of the domestic expenses and similar use
11. electromagnetism cooking stove:The cooking stove that the adoption electromagnetism of the domestic expenses and similar use can heat have, it can include an or several electromagnetismses heating component
12. electric oven: include the sum settles the capacity not over 10 rise of similar to similar electric oven, bread of the use bake the machine, the man baked wheat cake mold and tool of domestic expenses
13. dynamoelectric food processing tool:Multi-function food processing machine of the household-use dynamoelectric food processing machine and similar use
14. microwave oven:Frequency above 300 MHzs of one or several electromagnetism energies of I.S.M. wave bands to heat the household-use tool of the food and beverage, it can take to have the color function and steam functions
15. the electricity cooking stove, cooking stove set, oven and similar tool:Include the domestic expenses electricity cooking stove and separate the type fix oven, cooking stove set, the set type electricity cooking stove, give or get an electric shock the cooking stove head, grill of the cooking stove and roast the dish and inside pack type oven, grill
16. absorb the soot machine:Install at household-use the upper part of the cooking range and a cooking stove, take the type of have the fan, electric light and the control modulator to used for take out to absorb to expel the kitchen in the soot of home appliances
17. the liquid heating apparatus and cold and hot water fountain
18. rice cooker:The adoption gives or get an electric shock the automatic heat preservation type that the hot component heat or settles the modern style rice cooker
Eight, the sound video frequency equipments( not include to broadcast the class stereo set equipments and the automobile stereo set equipmentses)( total 16 kinds of)
Total exportation power below 500 Ws( valid value) of single loudspeaker and many loudspeakers have the source sound box, audio frequency power enlarger, tuner, various radio, every variety of broadcast wave band carries the figure type of the combination that sound video frequency records and broadcasts and handles the equipments( include each kind of CD magnetic tape etc. carries the figure type), and above equipments, for the sound video frequency equipments the power supply of the kit is proper to go together with the machine, various become to be like the way of color television receiver, monitor( not include the automobile to use the television receiver), black and white television receiver and the television receiver of other monochromes, show the elephant( show) tube, video recorder, satellite television broadcast receiver, electronic organ, antenna enlarger, voice and television the electric cable of the signal allotment system equipments and parts
Nine, the information technique equipments( total 12 kinds of)
Microcomputer, then hold type calculator, the manifestation equipments that connect with calculator to use, connect with each other with calculator of print the equipments, many the use prints the duplicator, scanner, calculator inside place the power supply and power supplies proper go together with the machine charger, computer game, study machine, duplicator, server, finance and trade balance of accounts electronics equipments
Ten, illuminate the equipments( total 2 kinds of)( not include the electric voltage low in the lighting equipments of the 36 Vs)
The lamp, town flows the machine
11, the telecommunication terminal equipments( total 9 kinds of)
Modem, facsimile machine, fix the telephone terminal( common telephone, lord call number manifestation that telephone, cassette management telephone, record sound the telephone and throw the currency telephone, intelligence cassette telephone, the IC card Mr. use telephone, do not need to lift the telephone, numerical telephone, telephone additional device), have no rope telephone terminal( imitate have no rope telephone, numeral have no the rope telephone), group telephone( group telephone, the telephone meeting switchboard) and move the customer terminal( imitate to move the numerical beehive of telephone, GSM to move the numerical beehive of set( hold machine and other terminal equipmentseses), CDMA to move the set( hold machine and other terminal equipmentseses)), terminal of ISDN( the network terminal equipments( NT1, NT1+), terminal is proper to go together with the machine( card) TA), data terminal( save to turn the hair fax/ sound card, terminal of POS, connect a people's conversion machine, network to gather the line machine, other data terminals), multi-media terminal( can see the telephone, meeting television terminal, information to order to sow the terminal, other multi-media terminals)
12, motor vehicle and safe enclosure( total 4 kinds of)
( A)Automobile:M, N, O vehicle drive in the highway and city road north bound
( Two)Motorcycle:Launching the machine row tolerance are soon over the 50 ccs or tallest design cars over the motorcycle of the 50 Kms/ h
( Three)Zero partses of the automobile motorcycle:Automobile safety belt, the motorcycle hair motive
13, the motor vehicle tire( total 3 kinds of)
( A)Automobile tire:Car tire( the car meridian tire, car is inclined to hand over the tire), carry the heavy automobile tire( the miniature carries the heavy automobile tire, light carry the heavy automobile tire, medium-sized/ the heavy type carries the heavy automobile tire)
( Two)Motorcycle tire:The motorcycle tire( the code means the series, metric system series, a series, a path series)
14, safe glass( total 3 kinds of)
Safe glass( the steel of the A mezzanine glass, B mezzanine glass, district turns the glass, steel to turn the glass) of automobile, construct the safe glass( the mezzanine glass, steel turns the glass), the railroad vehicle to use the safe glass( the mezzanine glass, steel turns the glass, safe and hollow glass)
15, the agriculture machine product( total a kind of)
The plant protection machine( the carry on the back type sprays the fog machine( machine), carry on the back type to spray the powder machine( machine), carry on the back type to spray fog to spray the powder machine)
16, the foam rubber product( total a kind of)Rubber condom
17, the medical treatment apparatus product( total 7 kinds of)
Cure the circulating piping, electrocardiogram machine, transplant type cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart lung machine outside the body that shoots the line diagnosis equipments, blood dialysis device, hollow fiber dialyzer, blood to purify the device with the X
18, the fire fight product( total 3 kinds of)
A fire reports to the police the equipments( order a feeling firework disaster to report to the police the locator and order a feeling a fire to report to the police the locator, a fire to report to the police the controller, the fire fight to move to control the equipments, hand to get angry the disaster to report to the police the button), the fire fight water to take, spray the water to extinguish fire the equipments( sprinkle water to spray the head, wet type to report to the police the valve, water current indicator, fire fight to use the pressure switch)
19, the safe technique guards against the product( total a kind of)
Invade the locator( indoor use the microwave many the locator of , active red invade the locator outside, indoor invade the locator with the passive and red and outside locator, microwave and passive and red outside compounds)

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