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A Bathroom Speaks as Much About a Home, as a Home Does for Itself

Paint Colors for Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom speaks as much about a home, as a home does for itself. That is why spending time designing and decorating your bathroom is well worth all the effort you put in. No one likes cramped, unclean, and mismatched spaces, and you need to keep all this in mind when decorating your bathroom. If you have the luxury of including bathroom cabinets in the space you have, pay attention to their color and design as it makes a huge difference to the way the space is perceived. The right color can accentuate the effect you are trying to create, but a poor choice can have your bathroom looking too cramped or simply an assembly of mismatched colors. So before you put on a color on your cabinets and then realize it's not so great, here are some tips on choosing the appropriate colors for bathroom cabinets, that will have your bathroom looking like a luxurious haven.

How to Choose the Right Paint Colors

It is not as tricky or as difficult to choose an appropriate for the cabinets in your bathroom. In fact, there are just some very simple considerations you should keep in mind while choosing these colors so that you have a bathroom that is inviting and beautiful.

  • The Position of the Cabinets: Are the cabinets below the counter, or are they mounted on walls? If they are below the counter and you have a small bathroom, you don't want it to get too cramped by painting them in a dark color. Similarly, wall mounted cabinets should not get too overbearing in a small space with dark colors.
  • The Size of the Bathroom: As mentioned earlier, lighter shades are perfect if you have a small bathroom. It just gives the bathroom a more spacious feel. On the other hand, if you have a grand bathroom, feel free to try any shade that would appeal to you. Remember, however, that chunks of color in a space can be overpowering sometimes. So determine the size of the cabinet before you paint them all in one dark color.
  • The Color of the Bathroom: What is the predominant color in your bathroom? Do you have wallpaper that has been used in there, or just some plain tiles? If the wallpaper has some intricate patterns that you would like to highlight, choose a color that is lighter than and will accentuate the wallpaper. The idea is to have the bathroom cabinet colors in tones that do not overshadow the wallpaper. Similar is the case with the tiles. Further, if these cabinets are below the counter, you will also have to take into consideration the color of the counter top. Ideally, the wall against which the cabinets are placed should be of a darker color, and the cabinets themselves should be of a lighter tone, preferably of the same color.

The purpose of a bathroom cabinet apart from its function of storage, is to serve as an accent in your bathroom. You want it to blend well but bring out the bathroom design. You do not want it to stand out on its own because it is a mere element in bathroom designing, albeit a very important one.

Ideas for Bathroom Cabinet Colors

While there is no right or wrong color for a bathroom cabinet because it is so dependent on numerous factors, here are some ideas that will help you decide on how to go about picking a color that you think is appropriate.

  • Play it Safe with White: While white is the safest color for cabinets, in some bathrooms it can look plain dull and boring. Use it when the rest of the bathroom is also of a lighter shade, else the cabinets will stick out like a sore thumb. A bathroom designed in aqua blue hues or a shade of sea green can suitably sport white cabinets.
  • Go Bold: If your bathroom is of a very dark shade, you would want to have a cabinet that belongs to the same family of colors, but is of a lighter shade. For instance, if you have a black bathroom, light gray cabinets would look great. Pair it up with red accessories such as flower arrangements, hanging lamps, or simply the bathroom linen, and you have yourself an exotic bathroom!
  • Try out Some Patterns: Light motifs or prints on your cabinets would not hurt, as long as they don't demand all the attention in your bathroom. Try out pinstripes, mild floral motifs, or wooden textures.
  • Steal from Other Colors in the Bathroom: As mentioned earlier, the kind of tiles and wallpaper you have applied in the bathroom will help you decide the exact color you want to paint the cabinets. For instance, if you have a green wallpaper with blue and yellow stripes on it, you may have cabinets in either light yellow or a pale blue. These will complement the wallpaper well and have your bathroom look complete. Similarly, if you go bold and decide to have red tiles, you could contrast it with a gray or a black cabinet and still have the bathroom look absolutely stunning!

Contrast colors or keep them in the same family, the choice is yours. Once again, ensure that the cabinets are painted in such a color so as to have the rest of the bathroom stand out as a complete design, and that they don't stand out on their own. A large chunk of color can really be distasteful. Have your bathroom look like one of those from those fancy interior design magazines, and give yourself a pat on the back for creating this masterpiece!

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Paint Colors for Bathroom Cabinets
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