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Dishwasher Features Relevant Reference

Generally, the more you spend, the more features you can expect. But some aren't worth the extra expense. Here are the dishwasher features to consider.

Adjustable racks and loading aids

Features of Dishwashers

Racks that adjust up and down, adjustable tines, and silverware and stemware holders let you reconfigure the interior and organize the contents. Those devices increase flexibility, especially when you cook for a crowd, and they can help accommodate large and oddly shaped items.

Soil sensor

This adjusts the cycles time and water use to the load's soil level, improving efficiency. 

Rinse/hold cycle

It lets you rinse dirty dishes before you're ready to start a full cycle. This cycle can reduce odors and prevents soil from setting while you accumulate enough dirty dishes for a full load.


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These keep wash water free of food that could be redeposited on clean dishes. There are two types: self-cleaning and manual. With self-cleaning filters, a grinder pulverizes the debris and flushes it down the drain. That's convenient but noisy. Some models instead have a filter without a grinder. It's quieter, but it needs periodic cleaning, a job that takes a few minutes.

Special wash cycles

Most dishwashers come with at least three cycles: light, normal, and heavy (pots and pans). Some offer pot-scrubber, soak/scrub, steam clean, china/crystal, or sanitizing cycles as well. The three basic cycles should be enough for most chores--even for baked-on food. A sanitizing option that raises water temperature above the typical 140 degrees F doesn't necessarily deliver better cleaning.

Stainless-steel tub

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Typically starting at mid-priced models, steel tends to resist staining better than light-colored plastic. Gray-speckled plastic tubs also resist stains and trim the overall cost. Any plastic tub should last longer than most people keep a dishwasher.

Hidden touchpad controls

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Controls mounted along the top edge of the door are strictly a styling touch. They're hidden when the door is closed. You typically can't see cycle progress at a glance, however. (Partially hidden controls are a good compromise. They show that the machine is running and often display remaining cycle time.)

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Features of Dishwashers