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There are mainly two types of plastics called as thermoplastics and thermosets are used in the plastic industry. Thermosets are those plastics made of polymers which are difficult to melt or change into any other shape whereas Thermoplastics are made of polymers which can easily be melted and reshaped into other form for industrial or personal use. When raw plastic materials like pellets, beeds and powders are put into a chamber which is then rotated, melted and forced to come out of a die in a shape of the end product. The whole process is termed as extrusion molding. Products like sheets, films and pipes are made out of this process. Another similar plastic process is injection molding.

The only difference in the process is that the melted plastic is drawn into a under extreme pressure after the raw plastic is melted in the chamber. The plastic should be kept in a cool temperature,so, that the plastic cools and solidifies into the end product. The products that are manufactured out of this injection process are toys, lawn furniture, bottle caps. Compressed air is blown into the tube to create a shape out of the inside the die and this additional process complimenting the extrusion called blow molding. When the melted plastic is compressed or flattened into other form with another Plastic. then it is called as compression molding. Rubber boots are made out of compression.

Chinese injection plastic service is inspired from the lost wax process followed in Indian peninsula to make metal statues. The process can mold thermosetting plastics which are usually melted with temperature as high as 10000 to 25000 PSI. This process can produce plastic molds which can be used for manufacturing processor chip to dashboards in car. Injection can be used both the thermosetting and thermoplastic materials. This process is very frequent and contributes to 32% of the total process. The other forms of blow molding processes are injection blow plastic, stretch blow molding, spin trimming and extrusion blow. Soft drink bottles and bulk metal glasses are manufactured through blow molding process. Injection tool mainly used during processes are metals, glasses, elastomers, confections, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

The materials made out of a maker must be made of steel or aluminum. Four types of processes are die casting, metal injection molding, thin-wall injection molding, injection molding of liquid silicone rubber. Other molding processes for different set of materials like glass, plastic, metal and ceramic raw materials are expandable bead molding, foam molding, reaction injection molding, matrix molding, rotational molding, pressure plug assist molding, transfer molding.

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Types of Plastic Moldings and The Process Followed to Manufacture
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