Trade Resources Industry Knowledge an Auratek Exhibits Custom Trade Show Environment Stole The Show Last Weekend

an Auratek Exhibits Custom Trade Show Environment Stole The Show Last Weekend

An Auratek Exhibits custom trade show environment stole the show last weekend at the Anime Expo 2015 event in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Convention Center was packed with more visitors than last years’ 80,000 unique attendees. “We were thrilled to be a part of this event and appreciated the positive feedback from excited fans of our exhibitor”, says Auratek Exhibits owner, David Patterson.

Auratek Exhibits Anime Expo 2015 Booth.pngLarge crowds gathered inside Sentai Filmworks’ exhibit space for 4 days.  It was a huge success for the Houston, TX based anime distribution and production studio and the fans went crazy over their colorful booth.  Auratek Exhibits is known for their SEG (silicone edge graphics) display system, FluidEdge, and gives a sleek modern look while allowing dramatic, large scale graphics to pop with backlighting. Housed with multi-color overhead stage and production lighting, LED video wall screens, sound system and a private production room, the space offered all that the client wanted and needed. But the jewel of the entire space was definitely a uniquely designed, Daft Punk helmet inspired LED display paneled ring placed in the center of the space standing 9ft high and expanded over 15 feet in width. Attendees and other vendors surrounded the space to take a look at the art piece.  Comments about the booth hit the social media feeds almost immediately upon the doors opening. The eye-catching exhibit was seen from across the entire hall with a large hanging structure at 24ft. and towering lightbox structures with edge to edge graphics, standing 16ft. in height.

Auratek Exhibits is an exhibit designer, producer and builder of trade show display products and systems in all price points. Whether the exhibitor requires only portable items for a smaller space or large exhibit spaces and/or production designs, Auratek Exhibits offers a solution.

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Auratek Exhibits' Daft Punk Helmet Inspired LED Display Seg Booth Design at Anime Expo 2015
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