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The Way That You Light Your Property

If you are looking to inject a little more interest and excitement into the way that you light your property, using colour filters might be just the way to do it.

This can be as easy as popping to the shop to buy a coloured bulb and inserting it into a fitting one evening for a party. However, people might like to consider using colour washes as a more permanent feature in lighting either inside or outside the building.

Coloured lighting can be extremely effective to create an atmosphere - for example, a warm orange glow could create the perfect atmosphere for a sophisticated dinner party with friends, while brighter colours like greens and purples could inject some fun into a lively drinks party.

One of the great benefits of LED lighting is that the technology does not need to be static like many other lighting solutions which use more traditional, filament bulbs. People can benefit from an array of different colours of lighting with just one installation project, using just the flick of a switch or the turn of a dial to flit between colours depending on their mood.

Projects are starting to crop up all over the world which have seen lighting designers become increasingly experimental with these coloured lighting technologies. For example, in China in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Region, the 180 million year-old Reed Flute Cave has become an even more popular tourist attraction due to its impressive lighting design.

Belfast City Hall has also just been lit up by a £3.29 million EU project called ILLUMINATE, which now sees the building bathed in any combination of 16 million different colour settings.

Coloured filters can be especially effective when used in outdoor lighting, as they could transform how a perhaps slightly neglected area of the garden looks, or even breathe life back into a wall that could really do with a lick of fresh paint.

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