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Qualified LED Display Can Give You The Effect of Environmental Protection Practical

Any product has not been spared from quality problems, so it is with the LED large screen display, qualified LED display can really give you the effect of environmental protection practical, and electronic display manufacturer is the key to win the market, the unqualified LED display is not only an electronic display manufacturer survival problem for a long time, and the use of substandard LED display will do harm to the human eye, so choose the right LED electronic display manufacturers is a crucial first step.

Light the lamps and lanterns of biological safety inspection unqualified may according to injury, may also hurt people's eyes. Use blue or ultraviolet light-emitting LED display, in particular, are more prone to leak blue or ultraviolet harm the human body. Now the European Union has been forced LED display light biological safety inspection, experts are calling for domestic should be caused take seriously. In some of the light source or lines from lamps and lanterns, besides the visible light, ultraviolet and infrared light, to varying degrees in people's eyes and skin of photochemical ultraviolet and infrared radiation (heat) the hazards. If you don't pass luminescent material process, uv light or blue light transmission out, cause harm to human body skin and retina. Expert proposal, due to domestic haven't mandatory inspection, can only try to buy big brand products.

Choose the LED display can cause harm to the eyes, cannot simply be judged from whether the "anti", "the consumers to buy lamps and lanterns, often consider is beautiful and brightness, but for the light of lamps and lanterns was unaware of the biological security.

Most of the current domestic LED display no compulsory certification, the export of only LED display are included in the scope of the compulsory inspection, As people the improvement of product quality requirements, believe that the scope of all will be included in the compulsory inspection in recent years. 

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Unqualified LED Display Harm to Human Body
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