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Introduction of Large LED Display Works

LED display of the size and complexity of each of the varying input costs also vary widely.

Briefly introduction of large LED display works: .

System hardware design: two mainstream host processor for LED electronic display control system, it is suitable for LED electronic display control system host processor during operation characteristics of moving large amounts of data, as well as the late design software programming there is plenty of time and space. In the the asynchronous electronic LED display control system, can display different information. Offline Therefore, it is updated in real time and adjust the display content is an important part of electronic LED display control system design must achieve LED electronic display. LED display and host computer communication function design and research, its purpose is to quickly and reliably adjusted display content. 2 in accordance with the microprocessor working principle, the data processing, the LED display can be divided into two categories: asynchronous and synchronous type

① Asynchronous type: when the information is displayed, the LED display control system, does not require a computer for data processing, is directly read the information stored in the display buffer to be displayed, when the update information is required, the data acquisition of the display module to send new data to the display module. The microprocessor electronic display microcontroller (MCU) commonly used by the computer by means of communication sent to the data memory of the microcontroller system control by a microcontroller. Asynchronous type LED electronic display has a simple structure, easy maintenance, and display refresh simple, do not need professionals to operate, and low cost, but for large-scale, color, display a complex pattern of dynamic display it powerless.

② synchronization: the microprocessor is a computer display in computer support. Its advantage is a large scale, and the display patterns and more, can be used for color display. Obviously, the drawback is the high cost, large size and need professionals to operate. Software design: the design of application implementation and hardware connection, you must first system underlying hardware driver communication, and provide an interface can receive user input various commands. To this end, VisualC + + as a system application development tools.

Communications applications the MSComm (MicrosoftCommunicationsControl) control to write, MSComm Microsoft to provide users with a simplified Window under serial communication programming ActiveX controls. MSComm control the transmission and reception of data through the serial port for external devices, can provide serial communication functions for the application. MSComm control serial programming very quickly and easily.

MSComm control is based on an event-driven, in the general case, the incident must be notified. Write your own processing code in the actual programming, can be added the OnComm event processing function can also check the OnComm event handler and the handler communication error occurred during the run. Is displayed in the entire LED display control circuit, the data reconstruction circuit to complete the conversion of the RGB data, the different pixels of the same right bits are grouped together, and then stored in the adjacent unit, so as to the form of bits to complete the entire data re combination.

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