Trade Resources Industry Knowledge I-MAG to Offer Event Production and Rental Companies an Unprecedented Range of LED Video

I-MAG to Offer Event Production and Rental Companies an Unprecedented Range of LED Video

July 16, I-MAG Video announced that it has repositioned to offer event production and rental companies an unprecedented range of LED video and display options. Since 1990, the company has built its strong reputation as an industry leader under the direction of Steve Daniels. Today, as part of the company's continued commitment to exceptional products and service, it named event designer and producer, Doug Green as company Executive Vice President. Green's expertise will provide direction in the evolving LED display market and help the company remain a leader in LED gear supply, say I-MAG representatives.

"Rental and production companies must be more flexible than ever to deal with demanding clients," says Green. "I-MAG gives them the ability to obtain a wide range of gear on demand, without the enormous costs of purchasing and storing the gear. This allows their teams to create almost any event space they can dream up."

Still, a wide range of gear options doesn't mean much unless the gear is reliable, notes Green. "We insist on carrying top-of-the-line, durable gear from respected brands like Panasonic, Gloshine, and Uniview. Technicians shouldn't have to worry about having cheap LED equipment failing when it matters most."

By focusing on reliable, high-quality LED equipment, along with providing robust training and support, I-MAG aims to increase the competitive advantage of the production and rental companies it partners with. "We provide the equipment and knowhow to help production and rental companies make more sales and maximize the revenues from each sale."

As part of its repositioning efforts, I-MAG has refreshed its existing inventory with new, cutting edge gear – it now maintains 2,000 square meters of LED display inventory. Gear available for rental includes LED video panels, curved displays, and transparent displays – all of which can be configured to a designer's specifications. I-MAG carries gear for both indoor and outdoor events.

About Doug Green

Doug Green is the Executive Vice President of I-MAG Video/AV Inc., a company committed to offering top-quality LED display and video equipment on demand. Green has extensive experience in event and festival hosting, and earned a B.S. from MTSU in 2003.

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I-MAG Video Poised to Bring Revolutionary Choices in LED Displays
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