Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Many Old Homes Are Fitted with Drafty Masonry Fireplaces, That Waste a Lot of Energy

Many Old Homes Are Fitted with Drafty Masonry Fireplaces, That Waste a Lot of Energy

Many old homes are fitted with drafty masonry fireplaces, that waste a lot of energy. This energy is not used and hence, one spends a lot of unnecessary money on such fireplaces. In such cases wood burning fireplace inserts are a great solution as they provide heat to the house and also use energy efficiently. There are a variety of fireplace inserts available; some are especially designed for burning wood pellets, wood, or natural gas.

How to Choose a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert? Firstly, hire a chimney sweep to clean and check the house chimney, this will ensure that the chimney is in good working condition. Such regular inspections can help you verify that your chimney will work well with the fireplace inserts. You might also want to check with your local building departments to see if you need a permit for a fireplace insert. With a measuring tape, note down the dimensions of the opening of the fireplace. Then shop for the fireplace inserts parts that will fit perfectly in the opening. Consider the type of fireplace insert heating system you want to buy. The type with blower, help to distribute the heat evenly; some come with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature. There are different designs available, choose one that suits your existing home decor. Make sure you buy a fireplace insert, which is certified by the EPA, so that you buy the best product which emits least amount of pollution, conserves energy well and ensures good fireplace safety. Finally, select a product which gives you a good warranty. How to Install a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert? Place a piece of heavy cardboard in front of the fireplace, then place the fireplace insert unit on the cardboard, and gradually slide it towards the rear wall of the fireplace. Take care to align it at the center of the opening. Take out all the damper, and slide in a flue liner down through the top portion of the chimney. Then fit the bottom end into the flute collar adapter, on top of the insert unit. Then attach the liner to the collar using screws, and trim out the excess liner section which is on top of the chimney. With a piece of chalk, make lines along the top and sides of the insert unit in line with the front and sides of the fireplace opening. Then pull out the insert unit, just enough for accessing the drilled holes on top and sides. Then loosely fasten the top extender panel to the insert with the given screws. Place the panel properly, so that it covers the chalk lines and then tighten it with screws. Install the two side panels in the same way that you fitted the top extender panel. Apply chimney caulk along the joints and seams which are between the fireplace inserts and the panels. Finally, attach the insulation strips to the back of the panel and slide it carefully back in the fireplace opening, so that the extender panels are aligned flat against the front of the opening. So follow the above tips for shopping for a wood burning fireplace insert to buy a quality product. The tips on installation are guidelines, so make sure you read the manual properly before you install the fireplace insert unit.

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