Trade Resources Trade Tips How to Find Best Pet Toy Manufacturers in China [Factories List]

How to Find Best Pet Toy Manufacturers in China [Factories List]

A guide to introduce the best pet toy manufacturers in China.

Firstly, I will give you some tips and best marketplace for finding those manufacturers.

Lastly, I will list some Q&As of pet toy manufacturers in China.

Where to find the best pet toy manufacturers in China

● Trade fairs of the pet toy industry in China or worldwide countries,.
● Online B2B marketplace in China
● Seeking for a sourcing company or employ a part-time purchaser for you
● Linkedin
● Search on Google
● Find on
● Find on Facebook.

Find pet toy manufacturer in the trade fair. Search trade fair on your native search engine. If you are from France, you can search Commerce équitable on . Every year, a great amounts of pet toy manufacturers from worldwide to attend the trade show in France. Here just take an example. You can attend the Canton Fair, which is the biggest and most comprehensive trade fair in China.

Pet toy exhibition in China 2019:
ZZPF (2019.11.07 ~ 2019.11.09)

Tips for attending exhibitions:

You can contact some of your target Chinese pet toy manufacturers before visiting a show. Try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance so that the pet toy manufacturer will leave more time to discuss with you. And you can meet several for one time. Make comparison and determine which one you want to cooperate with.

Online B2B marketplace in China

Here you can search your product name or type in the search bar of There are thousands of pet toy manufacturers in our platform.
You can make some screening conditions.

Seeking for a sourcing company or employ a part-time purchaser for you.

If you don’t know Mandarin, you can entrust sourcing companies, agents or buying office in China. You’d better employ an interpreter in your industry if come to China. As usual, sourcing companies have much experience on identifying the qualified manufacturers. They will help you save much time during sourcing. If you want to save more cost, you can employ a part-time purchaser who is proficient at your industry and those procedures. 

Use linkedin

You will find a great amount of China manufacturer, wholesaler and distributors publishing their company info on Linkedin. You can visit the company info and contact to them by email, telephone or chat with their staff who is already on linkedin.

Search on Google

Here I want to talk to you the basic search methods:
“keywords” + manufacturer+China
“keywords” + wholesale+manufacturer+China
“keywords” + factory+China
“keywords” + factory+wholesale+China

However, few manufacturers in China launch sole site and do online marketing on Google. You could not find many more by this way.

Find on

This is China native search engine. You can search chongwu wanju changjia  in the You can employ an interpreter to help you translate those info. You will get amounts of manufacturers from Many of those manufacturers have sole site. You can know their info from their sites. You can contact those Chinese international student, office man or woman who has a good education in your country as translator. After you get the translation of manufacturers’ info from You will grasp more info.

Find on

Join in those pet toy or pet industry group on Facebook. Especially, some group has China pet toy manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier.

Find Best pet toy Items to Sell Online
You can also start your pet toy line with Who is is a professional online b2b platform connecting China manufacturer/supplier with global buyers. You can find various trendy pet toy items in including pet toy, dog toy, animal chew toy and etc. Due to years of experience in pet toy industry, has established a great relationship with over 2000 professional pet toy manufacturers in China. Thus, working with is way better than dealing with the pet toy factories on your own. Moreover, you can follow MEI channel of Every year, the excellent supplier/manufacturer will be selected out from MEI. Those manufacturers not only have many identifications, their products and customers are very mature. You will  never worry about the credit and quality problem when cooperate with them. For big and excellent companies, they are professional in the pet toy supplying chain management, dealing with pet toy manufacturers is not that difficult for them.

But how to source if you are newbies?

Follow the a principle of earning margin. Make sure you can have 25% of the margin. Don’t invest too much capital and storage. Well, another question will comes out. You are a newbie. Big  manufacturers do not want to cooperate with you. Because you cannot satisfy their mini order. It does not matter. You can choose those manufacture scale similar to you or try the small-medium manufacturer.

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So you know how to find them in China and you know who to work with for your business. In my following part, I am going with show you some frequently asked question in the pet toy industry.

In the next part, I am going to share with you the things you need to know when finding pet toy manufacturers in China.

Now Things You Should Know When Finding Wholesale pet toy Manufacturers in China

● Identify the wholesaler, sourcing companies, and pet toy manufacturers

● Find Chinese wholesale pet toy manufacturers according to your business capacity

● Choose the wholesale pet toy manufacturers who can provide test reports

● Choose the pet toy manufacturers who have a formal manufacturing system

● Divide pet toy manufacturers into manufacturers and suppliers

1. Identify the wholesale suppliers

To identify the different suppliers on the B2B marketplace is your first job, are they traders, wholesalers or directly pet toy manufacturers? Nobody would like to tell you he is middleman, everybody wants to tell you he is manufacturer.

Reviewing their company page on and check business license.

According to this business license, you can notice that it’s a pet toy manufacturer which is focusing on exporting.

If you can’t find notification of "production," "manufacturing" or a specific production procedure in the suppliers business scope, they are traders.

1, Check out their email. The way is very evident, however, this way is not applied to every company. Some giant company still likes to use

2, Pay a visit to the factory - You can find the manufacturer through the address in the business card.

3, Check out the uniform of their staff - Pay attention to the uniform brand.

4, Inquiry those producing staff that is whether they know the introducer to you.

2. Find Chinese wholesale pet toy manufacturers according to your business capacity

Don't look for the big pet toy manufacturers only. Big pet toy manufacturers in China are recommended for big companies because they require a significant minimum order quantity, and they are quite busy dealing with big customers who will leave less energy focusing on supporting small businesses.
Small businesses are recommended to find small or medium-sized pet toy manufacturers with qualified goods provided. You will get a low minimum order quantity requirement from those vendors.
What's more, compared to big pet toy manufacturers, the small or medium sized pet toy manufacturers will put more attention to supporting and serving small businesses. In this case, small businesses will get better service from those suppliers.

3. Choose the wholesale pet toy manufacturers who can provide test reports.

Many certificates or test reports required when exporting pet toy to USA, EU, Australia and some other countries. You should choose the pet toy manufacturers who can provide you the complete certificates or testing reports, such as SGS test reports, SST test report, etc. In fact, the most of manufacturers on have SGS report.

4. Choose the pet toy manufacturers who have formal manufacturing system.

Many professional manufacturers have excellent manufacturing system, such as ISO 9001:2008.

5. Divide pet toy manufacturers into pet toy suppliers.

If you are already familiar with the pet toy supplying chain, and you want to dig further and manage better quality control in the pet toy manufacturing industry, you can divide pet toy manufacturers into pet toy manufacturers and suppliers.

Now, let's have a brief look at some of Q&As in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions in The Wholesale pet toy Industry

1. Can you introduce me to some good pet toy manufacturers in China?

2. Any recommended best Chinese pet toy manufacturers?

3.Where can I find good pet toy manufacturers in China?

4. Can I approach some of the best pet toy manufacturers in China? Do you have any contacts?

5. I cannot buy large quantity, where to find the low MOQ pet toy manufacturers in Asia?

6. Are there some best methods to find and contact pet toy manufacturers?

Find Best pet toy Items to Sell Online

What's worth mentioning is that pet toy is (or we can say Chinese) strength categories with competitive price, trendy styles and abundant stock. View the pet toy suppliers on

You can find some suitable pet toy manufacturers in China by following methods:
● Online B2B marketplace in China
● Seeking for a sourcing company or employ a part-time purchaser for you
● Linkedin
● Search on Google
● Trade fairs of the pet toy industry in China
● Find on
● Find on Facebook


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