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How to Import Products from China with Ease?

As is known to all, China is a world full of factories that manufacturing products and selling all over the world. And we always encounter products those labeled “Made in China”. Nowadays, the China import scale is larger and larger given to the development of Globalization. Huge business opportunities emerge.

As a beginner, how to import goods from China manufacturers?

Step 1: Pick a good product to import

This is the first important factor that determines whether a business is successful or unsuccessful.  Which product to import can be sold easily and profited from? Probably a market analysis report should be made before your decision. Research a product and your potential customers.

Step 2: Find a reliable China Supplier

Where to find China suppliers? How to find them? Your best manufacturers directory online is Numerous global buyers use it for every single product that they import from China. It is an awesome resource with good reputation. is a leading online B2B platform in China, providing China products listings, company introductions, contacts, video and photo tour and company verified certificates.

Now we are ready to find a good supplier on this platform. Take “led bulb” for example. The following is what we can do.

1. Search for “led bulb” on We can switch to company search instead of products. Typically, you can filter with “Gold Member”, “Audit Supplier”. After comparing and checking on the site, you will eventually narrow the results and select the top 20~30 Suppliers.


How to Import Products from China with Ease?


2. Contact the good suppliers.Once you have a listing of suppliers in hand, consider several aspects for importing, company profiles, manufacturing and employee’s information, Minimum Order Quantity, price lists, product specs, sample policies, payment and shipping policies. And finally you can find the greatest supplier after asking them these questions directly or via back and forth emails. Usually, building a good relationship with your supplier is important to your business. It is essential to know Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Customs.

Additionally, Chinese trade shows are another resource to find good suppliers. One of the most influential trade shows is the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair, also known as China Import and Export Fair since 1957, is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. It attracts both high quality China suppliers and global buyers, traders to participate.

Step 3: Negotiate with your supplier and Place your order.

The following step is to negotiate your supplier and order your product. Then’’ you can prepare for selling your products. Get them listed on as many channels as possible.

There are some do’s and don’ts before you start importing from China.


  1. Do ask yourself why import from China. We usually import because it is cheaper to produce in China. However, it is not always stay the same. Investigate the China manufacturing costs of your single product.
  2. Contact with the verified suppliers. Avoid the online scams.
  3. Build a good relationship before doing business with your China Supplier.
  4. Ask for buyer service from quality agent or companies if you have any problems.


  1. You shouldn’t place your order without check the sample until you are satisfied with it.
  2. Avoid use your personal email. Spam emails will flood it.
  3. Avoid paying the suppliers with any risking methods.
  4. Don’t buy counterfeits or knock offs. Even though you can make good profit from counterfeits, your customer will be angry or suffer from them and stay away from you in the long run.
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